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Hamas official assassination not to definitely go unanswered

Hamas official assassination not to definitely go unanswered

TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (MNA) – Hezbollah’s Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday that the assassination of Saleh Al-Arouri, Hamas deputy political leader, will not go unanswered or unpunished.

HIs speech marks the fourth since the initiation of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood by Palestinian Resistance on October 7. In his most recent address last Wednesday, Seyyed Nasrallah extensively discussed ongoing developments in Gaza and the broader region. Nevertheless, he emphasized that he intends to delve more comprehensively into various issues during his speech on Friday.

Nasrallah addressed the Hezbollah’s memorial ceremony of the late Hezbollah official Hajj Mohammad Yaghi hat was held at Sayyed Khawla Holy Shrine in Baalbek. 

At the start of his speech, he renewed condolences to the martyrs who fell at the shrine of Hajj Qassem Soleimani in Kerman.

He offered condolences to Iraq, Sayyed Sistani, the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Nujaba Movement on the martyrdom of Hajj Abu Taqwa al-Saidi.

"Hajj Abu Salim emerged as a revolutionary force and dedicated activist in the Baalbek region, leaving an indelible mark on his surroundings," he added.

"My testimony regarding Hajj Abu Salim is not just a mere account; it stands as a tangible testament to our enduring connection that dates back to our youth in 1978," the Hezbollah leader continued.

"From the outset, a profound bond of brotherhood, love, friendship, and unwavering trust blossomed between us within the first few hours of our acquaintance," Nasrallah also said.

"Spanning over 100 kilometers and extending across a duration surpassing 90 days, our response to attacks on civilians encompassed the precise targeting of not only all Israeli border sites but also a significant array of rear sites and settlements," the Hezbollah leader further warned.

"Every hostile location was systematically targeted, focusing on technical and intelligence equipment. No border post remained untouched, as each one underwent multiple rounds of precise strikes," he added, continuing, "The technical equipment targeted by the resistance is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars."

"During the second stage, enemy soldiers sought refuge in evacuated settlements and the vicinity of various sites due to apprehension over the actions of the resistance factions and their targeted attacks on specific locations," continued Nasrallah, adding that "We procure reliable and precise information, along with photographs and footage, pertaining to the Israeli positions and assemblies."

"In response to their technical losses, the Israeli enemy endeavored to compensate by deploying drones and reconnaissance aircraft," he said, adding that "Within the Israeli entity, experts contend that the actual death toll is three times higher than what the occupying army officially declares."

Nasrallah further said that "This widespread displacement will exert both political and security pressure on the Israeli government."

"The objective of the front in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen is to exert pressure on the Israeli government, deplete its resources, and inflict strategic setbacks to compel a cessation of aggression against Gaza," he explained more,  " The second objective of the Southern Lebanese front is to alleviate the pressure on the current situation in Gaza."

"When compelled to withdraw divisions during the holidays, the Israeli enemy opted to shift forces from Gaza rather than the northern front," he said.

According to Nasrallah, since 1948, “Israel” has consistently initiated attacks on southern Lebanon, targeting both the local population and the Lebanese army while perpetrating massacres. The people of the south have endured persistent displacement, and it is noteworthy that today, the Israeli occupier is the one facing displacement.

"The era of the tent which Netanyahu boasts about is now relegated to the past, as we find ourselves engaged in a tangible and substantial battle today," continued the Hezbollah leader.

"In previous times, a single operation would result in extensive destruction across southern Lebanon," he continued to note, "We find ourselves at a historic juncture, presenting a unique opportunity to fully liberate every inch of our land and establish an equation that safeguards our country’s sovereignty, an opportunity initiated by the blessings of the Lebanese front."

"The killing of Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri will undoubtedly not go unanswered or unpunished, the decision lies in the hands of the field, and it will undoubtedly be implemented," he further said about the assassination of the Hamas deputy leader in Beirut earlier this week. 

"We cannot remain silent in the face of such a grave violation, as it puts Lebanon at risk," he added.

As regards the military operations of the Iraqi resistance, Nasrallah said that, "The underlying motive is the support for Gaza, and the American administration is apprehensive about it, grappling with a predicament in Ukraine."

"An advantageous outcome of the Islamic resistance in Iraq opening a front in support of Gaza is the genuine prospect for Iraq to liberate itself from the American occupation," Hezbollah leader continued. 

"Today, there exists a historic opportunity for the Iraqi government, the House of Representatives, and the Iraqi people to extricate themselves from the occupiers and perpetrators of violence, those responsible for the bloodshed of Iraqis, Iranians, and the people of the region," Nasrallah continued to urge Iraqis to get rid of American occupiers.

Nasrallah further said that, "Iraq does not need American forces to combat ISIL. Currently, there are indications that certain elements associated with ISIL in Syria have sought refuge or support from American forces."

"Al-Qaeda actively sought to undermine and discredit all efforts by the axis of resistance in supporting Gaza, attempting to mask their own failures," he later highlighted.

"Those who underestimate the actions of the resistance axis today are individuals who have failed to contribute anything since the onset of the aggression on Gaza," he added.

" Engaging in jihad brings honor, while refraining from it leads to humiliation," according to Hezbollah leader "he silent and negligent regimes were taken aback by the unexpected actions of the Yemenis in the Red Sea."

"A significant national achievement is that the Sanaa government has evolved from being an internal faction to becoming a pivotal component of the international equation, compelling the world to reckon with it despite attempts to marginalize it," Nasrallah continued to laud Yemeni support for Palestinians. 

"The message from Yemen today is directed at the United States. It emphasizes that the challenge is not merely against the Ansarullah movement but against tens of millions of Yemeni people with a history of thwarting aggressors and inflicting defeats," he asserted.

Nasrallah addressed the families of the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance telling them, "Given my security circumstances, what I earnestly desire and hope for is to stand by your side, expressing my deep gratitude by kissing your hands and foreheads."

Addressing the people in the south, he said that, "Had the fate of the enemy been to defeat the resistance in Gaza and displace its people, their next target would have been southern Lebanon, particularly in southern Litani. It is you who shattered their ambitions."

"Hezbollah fighters are courageously battling in a cold and rain-soaked terrain, amidst enemy shellings. They persist in advancing and launching attacks on enemy positions and gatherings, ready to be the ones to respond to the significant breach in Dahiyeh," Nasrallah further underscored.


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