US congressman advocates military strike on Mexican Cartels

TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – US Congressman Dan Crenshaw says that a military action against drug cartels in Mexico must be on the table.

Saying that such operations should be carried out in close cooperation with the Mexican officials, the US congressman claimed, "The Mexican government does not have operational control of their side of the border, the cartels do."

"The cartels have this zero-risk business model where they really can't get caught, and they can make billions and I think the last estimate is up to $13 billion a year," he told FOX 26, adding that they have crossed the red line by producing Fentanyl.

"The goal will be to assess what we are already doing. Assess the capabilities of the cartels. Assess their vulnerabilities. Give a report to the speaker on that and then draft actual legislation targeting their finances, targeting their network, looking at what we are doing on the international level and regional level, and providing comprehensive legislation," hr added. 

Asked about if military action in cooperation with the Mexican government be on the table for discussion, the US lawmaker stressed," As you know, it's certainly on my table for discussion, and it's a big priority for me because it sends such a strong message to the cartels. You've seen the President of Mexico clutch his pearls and say that we are going to invade Mexico. That, of course, is never what we were going to do. The entire point would be to work by with and through the Mexican government and send a message to the cartels that they've crossed a red line with the Fentanyl production, and we will use whatever means necessary to go after them. We have a clear and present danger, basically a para-military threat, right on our border, and we have to deal with it."


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