Governor details dismantling of MKO-linked terrorist team

TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Five members of a terrorist team that was affiliated with MKO were identified and detained in Semnan province, the Governor told reporters on Monday.

Providing financial support to the MKO-linked groups as well as forming rebel centers during the recent Iran unrest was among the goals of the terrorists, according to Seyyed Mohammadreza Hashemi.

He added that making explosive devices, using chemical and acidic material was among their other plans.

The terrorists also intended to conduct operations in the provinces of Tehran and Qom as well, Hashemi said, adding that writing slogans and capturing videos and photos of strikes, especially the marketers' strike was the detainees' other duty.

Massive amounts of explosives, digital devices, and cameras were also confiscated from the terrorists.

Earlier this month, the Iranian intelligence ministry in a statement announced that the members of a network that was financing and providing assistance to MKO operational teams inside the country during recent riots were arrested.

This extensive network was in charge of transferring money from abroad with complicated money laundering methods and providing various equipment for the MKO terrorists' operational teams inside the country during recent foreign-orchestrated riots.


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    • PJ AU 10:47 - 2023/01/10
      1 0
      How can they infiltrate so easily?
      • M IR 11:47 - 2023/01/10
        1 0
        Even if they manage to infiltrate, they can't accomplish what they set out to do.
    • reza IR 11:34 - 2023/01/10
      3 0
      US and west intelligence services help them
    • Mahsa IR 11:52 - 2023/01/10
      1 0
      West-sponsered MKO has always sought to fish in troubled waters, esp. in recent months