Tehran dismisses UNHRC resolution as null and void

TEHRAN, Nov. 25 (MNA) – The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected on Friday western countries resolution at UN Human Rights Council as null and void.

The anti-Iranian move taken by a few Western countries in imposing an anti-Iranian resolution on the United Nations Human Rights Council is strongly rejected by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the foreign ministry's statement added.

It is a matter of regret to say that the UN Human Rights Council has once again been abused to secure the short-term interests of a few Western countries.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, once again expressing its regret over the tragic death of Mehsa Amini, reminds that with the death of Ms. Amini, all high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a humane perspective and true adherence to human rights, which are deep rooted in religious teachings, adopted a responsible approach regarding this tragic incident and set up numerous and complementary investigation committees by relevant legal institutions and made all stages of this incident and the results of investigations transparently available to the public, the statement continued.

Shortly after the incident, the Iranian Judiciary Human Rights Council sent numerous well-grounded documents and reports to international human rights organizations both in Geneva and New York, as well as to all members of the international community.

Despite resorting of some protesters to the violent behavior and creating rioters based on abuse and also foreign organized provocations and interventions in the last two months, and some individuals and armed groups resorting to terrorist acts in different forms, the security forces of the country exercised maximum restraint with the rioters and in this way, dozens of police officials and security guards were martyred and several thousands of these forces were injured.

Undoubtedly, the anti-Iranian move taken by the German government and other masterminds of the special meeting of the UN Human Rights Council was a historical mistake which is stemmed from multidimensional political goals.

The German government and some Western governments participated in proposing this resolution, based on wrong calculations and under the pressure of certain political lobbies and false news of certain anti-Iranian media. They have made a strategic mistake and only time will tell how this political short-sightedness will backfire to them, the statement further added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, in view of the existence of the specialized committee to investigate the death of Ms. Mehsa Amini, as well as the existence of the national investigation committee consisting of lawyers and with the participation of independent representatives in it, considers the formation of any new mechanism to examine the issues of two past months in Iran as unnecessary and in violation of the country's national sovereignty and does not recognize the assigned mission in this regard.


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