96% of respondents suport UN probe into US shocking HR abuses

TEHRAN, Jul. 25 (MNA) – A poll asking respondents whether the UN Human Rights Council should conduct a field investigation into US human rights violations has drawn more than 220,000 respondents, with over 96 percent supporting the proposition.

Specifically, 80 percent of respondents voted “yes”, saying that the issue of US human rights violations is very serious and requires further investigation. Another 16 percent of respondents also voted “yes”, saying that any investigation would be hindered by the US government. Around 4 percent of respondents voted that the US has long been plagued by human rights problems, and an investigation will not change anything, according to Global Times.

In answering the poll, many netizens left messages on the page, voicing their support for a thorough investigation. Some netizens pointed out that "the US is doing a lot of things against humanity in the name of humanitarian actions while some said "the US government is indifferent when its people suffer from systematic violations of human rights but is keen to attack other countries under the guise of human rights" which presents a vivid image of "a thief shouting to catch a thief".

The poll came after the latest 50th session of the UN Human Rights Council, during which representatives of many countries harshly condemned the US for discrediting and smearing other countries under the banner of human rights, and voiced concerns and criticism over its human rights abuses. 

Human rights scandals continue to emerge in the US, igniting public anger in the US and shocking the world. From the Robb Elementary School in Texas to Chicago, mass shootings and killings across the country have become a bloody "American plague" feared by the American public, the introduction to the poll read. 

Suspects in the killings have even involved American police officers, as eight police officers went on a shooting spree against an unarmed African-American young man whose body was found with more than 60 gunshot wounds, further sparking the anger of Americans against racial discrimination. 

More shockingly, the US Supreme Court vastly expanded gun rights by striking down a nearly century-old New York law restricting the concealed carrying of guns, according to the introduction. 

In addition, the US Supreme Court officially overturned the Roe v. Wade decision and denied the protection of abortion rights under the US Constitution, completely ignoring the basic rights of women. The shocking human rights scandals in the US and the regressive decisions of American policymakers have drawn increasing attention from the international community, it said. 

The poll then asks respondents to cast their vote on whether the shocking human rights abuses in the US should be investigated by the UN Human Rights Council.     


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