Iran self-sufficient in producing ground combat equipment

TEHRAN, Apr. 17 (MNA) – The deputy commander of the Iranian Army said that Iran is in a very good position in the field of using drones, adding that the Army has made good achievements in the field of MAVs and electronic warfare.

As the National Army Day approaches on April 18,  Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force Brigadier General Amir Nozar Nemati sat down for an interview with Mehr correspondent during which he explained the Iranian Army Ground Force's achievements in different fields.

"We must have an updated organization. For that reason, in recent years, we have developed rapid reaction units, offensive mobility units, mechanized offensive units and all the equipment needed in the field of ground warfare. Fortunately, we have achieved all of these inside the country, and this is a great success,"  General Nemati said.

"Today, the Army is equipped with a very strong electronic warfare and UAVs suitable for different missions," he added.

"We study different types of warfare waged by the enemies," the army deputy commander said, adding, "We have achieved a lot in the field of combating MAVs (Micro Air Vehicle). 

"In recent wars, we have witnessed that drones play special roles, and it is natural that we should advance in both the offensive and the defensive areas. Fortunately, we are in a very good position in the field of using drones."

The army ground forces have very advanced and good achievements in the electronic warfare field, the general also said, dividing the electronic warfare into two fields of offensive and defensive.

"The offensive field actually disrupts the equipment, communication systems, and anything that uses an electronic chip, and we must defend ourselves in this area and have the appropriate equipment, including alert, surveillance, etc."

"As regards the defensive field we must disrupt enemy equipment," he said underscoring that "In the field of electronic warfare, both in the field of offense and defense, we have adequate equipment that is stationed at the borders and where it is needed, and they perform their mission well."

General Nemati went on to say that on the occasion of the National Army Day on April 18, new military achievements will be unveiled.

He also said that in the airborne field, the Army Ground Forces has achieved helicopters that can operate at night.

The commander said that the range of helicopters has been increased and they have been equipped with pin-pointing missiles. "We have also planned to build a homegrown national helicopter, which will be unveiled at due time."

"There are no specific threats that can threaten our Establishment (Islamic Republic)," Nemati said. 

As regards the tanks, he said that the tanks are overhauled and upgraded.

The army deputy commander said that there is good control and surveillance at the borders through the good cooperation among different armed forces, stressing that there are no threats at the borders at all.


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