Maximum pressure campaign an abject failure

TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – US State Department Spokesman Ned Price describes the maximum pressure campaign against Iran as an abject failure.

Speaking in his daily press conference on Tuesday, Ned Price said that the US now is left with just a terrible set of options.

"The maximum pressure campaign was an abject failure. Everything that it promised, the opposite ended up coming true", Price added, saying that it could not put brakes on Iran’s nuclear program.

The only achievement of the campaign is inheriting an Iranian nuclear program that is galloping ahead, according to price. 

The sayings come as the US current government, by highlighting the previous government's policy mistakes toward Iran, is trying to hide its inaction in advancing the Vienna talks by not lifting unilateral sanctions against Iran.

This is while US President Joe Biden is continuing the same path as the Previous US President Donald Trump by continuing to impose maximum pressure on Iran.

One of the most important points being considered in the current negotiations between Iran and the P4 + 1 group is receiving guarantees from the United States on not withdrawing from the agreement again, an issue that the United States has not yet agreed to.

The 2015 deal, more formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was signed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — the US, the UK, China, Russia, and France — plus Germany and the EU. Despite the International Atomic Energy Agency's acknowledgment of Iran's adherence to all of its obligations, the US government unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in May 2018.

The US government has imposed sanctions under various pretexts in line with its hostile goals against Iran and the advancement of its economic war against Iran.

Amid the indifference of the JCPOA parties toward continued US violations of the JCPOA, in December 2020, the Iranian Parliament passed the Law on "Strategic Action Plan to Counter Sanctions and Protect Rights of the People" that prompted the Iranian administration to restrict the IAEA’s inspections and accelerate the development of the country’s nuclear program beyond the limits set by the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.

Iran has also increased the level of uranium enrichment beyond the level allowed under the JCPOA in accordance with the accord itself.

The current US administration has not yet fulfilled the promises Joe Biden made during his presidential elections campaigns to undo Trump's actions and return to the deal. In the meantime, Tehran has also stressed that the Biden administration's return to the agreement without lifting the sanctions is not important at all.


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