'Iran’s ballistic missile capability advanced significantly'

TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Iran’s ballistic missile capability has advanced significantly.

Repeating accusations against Tehran, Sullivan claimed “A critical early priority [for the administration] is to deal with the escalating nuclear crisis [as Iran] moves closer and closer” to getting a nuclear weapon.

Speaking in a webinar with the United States Institute of Peace, Sullivan claimed that Iran was “significantly” closer to manufacturing a nuclear weapon than under the Obama administration.

Sullivan also touched on Iran’s ballistic missile capability, which “has advanced, and advanced under the Obama administration.” But he said this had “now accelerated” under former President Donald Trump.

Direct attacks on US partners in the region, as well as Tehran’s support for proxies, has become “more audacious,” Sullivan claimed without providing any evidence. 

“Our view is that if we can get back into diplomacy to put Iran’s nuclear program back into a box,” he said, adding that it will put Washington in a position to address the ballistic missile program. This is while Iran has named its missile power 'non-negotiable' and just as a means to defend the country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always rejected the claims of Western officials about supporting terrorism.

The claims come as the Iraqi and Syrian governments have repeatedly praised Iran's role in fighting terrorist groups in the region.

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    • FR 09:37 - 2021/01/30
      1 0
      iran should destroy a few american bases and show them how significantly they advanced
    • Hamid Safaipour US 08:39 - 2021/01/31
      1 0
      We can't negotiate with bunch of illogical and law breakers.
    • Hamid Safaipour US 08:43 - 2021/01/31
      1 0
      90% of Biden cabinet are Zionist .how can we get anywhere with them.
    • Hamid Safaipour US 08:45 - 2021/01/31
      1 0
      Biden wants to waste out time again,just like Obama and Trump.we need to stay the path and waste no time for negotiation.