Dec 23, 2020, 10:10 AM

'Iran not worried about USS Georgia entering Persian Gulf'

'Iran not worried about USS Georgia entering Persian Gulf'

TEHRAN, Dec. 23 (MNA) – An Iranian lawmaker says Tehran is not worried about the dispatching of the USS Georgia submarine to the Persian Gulf as the country is able to target the vessel.

“Iranian forces are able to catch the US’ atomic submarines and Tehran is not worried about US military activities in the Persian Gulf waters,” Seyyed Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, First Deputy Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, told Arabic RT on Tuesday.

The remarks come as a fleet of US Navy ships, including the USS Georgia, has entered the Persian Gulf while the US claims the dispatching aims to ensure the security of the Persian Gulf.

“This is not the first time that such military activities happen,” said the MP, adding, “US and UK have created bases in Persian Gulf littoral states and everywhere that these two countries are present means Israel has infiltrated there.”

“These bases are being run in the name of US and UK but officially are controlled by Israel and naturally, we do not recognize Israel as a state but as a part of US’s identity in West Asia. So these [developments] are not new and we do not consider them serious.”

“US and Israel failed to do anything against us when we had not the required tools and technology for encountering them but we are not well equipped,” he said. “As we were able to down the American drone last year, we are capable of catching American wales easily from the depth of the Persian Gulf using a fishing net. So we are not worried regarding the issue.”

The fact that the submarine is run by nuclear energy, he continued, should be a source of concern for Arab countries of the Persian Gulf that are desalinizing the water. “In case of an atomic blast, the water will be contaminated with radioactive elements and desalinization centers in these countries will be destroyed and this will further complicate their situation.”

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