Couple dedicate property for peaceful nuclear knowledge

TEHRAN, Dec. 14 (MNA) – Following the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Fakrizadeh, an old couple in Nour, Mazandaran province, has made 300 billion rials worth of endowments to be spent on the development of peaceful nuclear knowledge.

They have been living together for 54 years and even though they have no children, they tried to leave a different kind of legacy behind by carrying out a benevolent act. It all started on that dark, grim Friday when the enemies’ hands were stained with the blood of an Iranian nuclear scientist.

The couple seeks happiness in carrying out good deeds and believes that since God has bestowed wealth on them, it is better for them to spend for humanitarian purposes; that is how they became benefactors of a “nuclear” kind.

They own several hectares of paddy fields, a rice mill, and a house, the proceeds of which were to be used to help underprivileged students and their education, as well as holding religious events, helping the development of health care, and building roads, among other things.

With the assassination of Shahid Fakhrizadeh, Haj Ali Mohammadpour, a resident of Shirkalay Noor village, decided to dedicate 5,000 square meters of his farm to the development and research of nuclear knowledge, the proceeds of which were used to promote research in the Science and Technology Park and knowledge-based affairs, particularly the nuclear-related ones.

He says that he has dedicated his life and property to Islam and religion; “the enemies took Sardar Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh away from us, but we will follow their path by dedicating our property to save Islam and religion,” he says.

The value of Haj Ali Mohammadpour’s endowments amounts to 300 billion rials to be spent on charitable causes, including the development and research of nuclear knowledge. They do not speak Persian well, but with their sweet Mazandarani accent, they extend their warm hospitality as if they know me for many years.

He talks about his reason to dedicate his property to the development of nuclear research, saying that after the martyrdom of Fakhrizadeh, he tried to consider this high-ranking martyr in his intention, “because he dedicated his life to Islam and Muslims, and I, God willing, want to spend my property in this way.”

He says that the proceeds of his endowments will be spent on the development and research of technological knowledge, especially in underdeveloped regions such as Nour and Chamestan.

With utmost humbleness, he downplays the magnitude of his deed and adds that what he is doing pales in comparison to the great work done by nuclear scientists, especially Shahid Fakhrizadeh and Sardar Soleimani.

Haj Mohammadpour, stating that his wife also intends to dedicate some property to the development of peaceful nuclear knowledge, clarified that nuclear knowledge is used in everything, including treatment and the development of technologies.

Referring to the underdeveloped conditions of Noor and Chamestan districts and the village where he lives, he continues, "I have picked a trustee for the endowment, and this act will be carried out after my death."

He advised those who are financially able to consider the benefits of such acts for their life now and hereafter, saying “I have traded with God because all life is a gift from God and we should enjoy it in the hereafter, as well.”

“Everything we do is part of what we do for our life hereafter so that God will bestow his forgiveness on us on the Day of Resurrection,” he added.

Making four separate endowments

Haj Mohammadpour's endowment has been entrusted to his wife's nephew, Ataullah Nouripour. According to him, Mohammadpour has donated two hectares of land, two-sixth of his rice mill, a house, and a residential building in the form of four separate endowments.

He added, "According to his will, one hectare of agricultural land and two-sixth of the rice mill will be used to organize religious events, as well as the construction of bridges, roads, helping the poor, the treatment of terminally ill patients, providing a dowry for young people, helping underprivileged students, and seminaries.”

He continued, "Five Qafiz of another hectare of agricultural land has been devoted to religious affairs, and the other five will be spent on the development and research of nuclear affairs, science and technology parks, and helping universities in the region, with priority given to Noor and Chamestan universities and nuclear affairs.”

"He made the endowments after the martyrdom of the nuclear scientist Shahid Fakhrizadeh, and it was decided that the house would be dedicated to public works,” he said.

According to him, the endowment of one hectare of the agricultural land and the factory will be carried out after Haj Mohammadpour passes away, and the endowment of the house will be carried out after his wife passes away.

Meanwhile, Hojjatoleslam Toupa Heydari, head of the Endowment and Charity Affairs Department of Noor city, told Mehr that the endowment was dedicated to various purposes, including mourning and celebratory rituals for religious figures, as well as public works.”

“After the martyrdom of Martyr Fakhrizadeh, they donated 5,000 square meters of land, the proceeds of which would be spent on promoting and developing research in the Science and Technology Park, knowledge-based affairs, with priority given to nuclear affairs.”

"According to the benefactors, Martyr Fakhrizadeh and Sardar Salmani gave their lives to maintain the Establishment and strengthen the religion, and so we will continue the path of the martyrs by donating our property,” he added.

He said the number of endowments registered during the current year was seven, adding “one of the endowments is worth 70 billion tomans and the endowment of Hajj Mohammadpour is worth 30 billion tomans.”

This endowment is the first of its kind in Nour city and the country to be made in the name of peaceful nuclear progress, he added.

Making endowments for the development of new affairs and the current needs of society has always been emphasized by religious scholars and experts, and the endowment of Hajj Mohammadpour has been made to promote and develop knowledge-based affairs and peaceful nuclear knowledge.

By: Alireza Nouri Kajourian


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