America trying to make Iranians tired of Islamic Revolution

TEHRAN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – A senior Iranian cleric pointed to the US animosity against the Islamic Republic, noting that US officials’ dreams will never come true.

“People have to believe that America is our enemy and is always trying to make people tired of the Islamic Revolution,” Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahhedi Kermani, Tehran’s provisional Friday prayers leader, told Mehr News Agency on Sunday.

“Americans think that they can witness a day when Iranian people are tired and stand against the Revolution, but this is an illusion and just a dream for US leaders,” he added.

The cleric went on to lament some individuals inside the country who favor starting talks with the US and paying attention to Washington’s demands. He noted that these individuals can be ‘dangerous’ for the country in case they are given a responsibility in the establishment.

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahhedi Kermani, Tehran’s provisional Friday prayers leader

US has a long history of adopting hostile measures against Iran as they can be traced back to organizing the 1953 coup, which all has killed the trust of Iranian people in Washington. Recently, President Donald Trump withdrew from the UN-endorsed JCPOA and unilaterally imposed harshest economic sanctions against Tehran in hope of pressuring Iran into a new deal.

However, Tehran has clarified that there will be no talks with a party that has already violated numerous international accords. Iranian officials have vehemently condemned the sanctions, vowing to ‘resist’ against pressures and ‘bullying’ behavior.

PHOTO: People of Qom marking Islamic Revolution anniversary. January 11, 2020 (Medi Bakhshi / Mehr News Agency)

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