Iranian elite abroad cooperating with country: official

TEHRAN, Jul. 19 (MNA) -An official in the vice presidency of science announced the statistics of the definite return of elites to the country, adding that “More than 8,000 Iranian elite abroad are cooperating with the country."

“Today, with the growing trend of globalization, the migration of specialized forces from one country to another has become natural and inevitable,” Seyyed Ali Hosseini said, adding that “Our country is no exception, as you can see that some Iranian researchers and specialists are currently living in foreign countries.”

"These groups of specialists have a lot of potentials to participate in the development of the country due to their emotional connection to their  homeland", he added.

Hosseini said that one of the main tasks of the government to attract these experts is to reduce the risk of their presence in the country by meeting their material and spiritual needs upon arrival in the country.

"Since late February 2015, a plan of cooperation with Iranian specialists and entrepreneurs abroad has been established with the aim of using these experts' valuable knowledge in different ways and projects", he said.

By emphasizing that this cooperation plan with Iranian specialists and entrepreneurs has been a successful experience, Hosseini announced that “this program has led to the participation of more than 8,000 Iranian specialists and researchers abroad with the country.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the definite statistics of the return of the Iranian elite to the country, adding that “More than 1,500 Iranian researchers and specialists from the world's top universities, mostly from the United States, Canada, and European countries, have definitely returned to the country.”

"On this basis, 19% of these 1,500 people are graduated from the world’s 20 top universities such as MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, Harvard, Berkeley, Illinois, Imperial College, Princeton, Michigan, National Singapore, Swiss EFFL and etc", he said.

Further, he continued to say that out of this definite number, 400 people have been attracted as the faculty member and 140 startups have been launched by these experts as well.

According to this official, also these Iranian experts and entrepreneurs  have established130 knowledge-based firms which are in the fields of information technology, biotechnology, stem cells and nanotechnology.”

It is worth mentioning that the mentioned cooperation plan with Iranian elite abroad has been established with the aim of creating a mechanism to benefit from their valuable knowledge and experience in the form of programs such as postdoctoral, study opportunities, visiting professors as well as holding some specialized lectures and workshops ın the country.

For the past 5 years, this program has been a bridge between Iranian experts and scientists abroad and inside the country through the website.


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