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TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (MNA) – When it comes to travelling to Iran, the famous classic route attracts visitors the most. Iran classic route goes right into the heart of the country. The four major cities along this route include Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz.

Tehran, the capital, the 2019 winner of world smart city award, has population of about 10 million people. The Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower) as the Eiffel Tower of Tehran, is a marble structure built in the late 1960s. Azadi Tower has been the most famous landmark of Tehran. This architectural masterpiece stands in the middle of a square and hosts a museum. In 2009, Milad Tower was built and became the modern symbol of Tehran. This tower is the 6th tallest tower in the world. Another iconic landmark of Tehran is the Tabiat Bridge. The famous 270 meters modern bridge was constructed in 2010 and has won several architectural awards. Whether you choose to go for a long walk or grab a bite to eat at one of the casual dining spots along the bridge, the stunning views of the city from the top and the snowcapped mountains won’t disappoint you.

While in Tehran, you ought to visit the two lavish palaces, built during Qajar dynasty. Niavaran Palace and Sa’dabad Museum complex are both located in the North of Tehran. A visit to Tehran is not complete without taking a tour to the Versailles of Tehran, the extravagant Golestan Palace. This stunning palace with its backdrop of colourful tiled walls has been captured by so many bloggers, upon visit from all around the globe. The historical complex was built during the Safavid dynasty. It consists of 17 spectacular buildings filled with Persian artwork, mirrored walls and ceilings. It is a true architectural masterpiece. The extent of what Tehran has to offer to tourists is underrated globally. From strolling down the colourful 200 years old Grand Bazaar of Tehran, to visiting rich museums, parks, experiencing Persian gastronomy, skiing or snowboarding in some of the best skiing resorts nearby the city. Luckily, TasteIran offers diverse Tehran tours, some of which include family tours, Persian food tours, Tehran old city walking tour and modern tour of Tehran.

Along the classic route lies Isfahan, known as "half of the world’’ by Persians. During the Safavid era, Isfahan enjoyed high standards of prosperity as it became the capital of Iran. Nowadays, it is still one of the major Persian cities with so much to offer. In four corners of the Naghshe-Jahan square sits the most splendid monuments. Shah’s palace and two striking mosques face the square. The arcades of shops in the Qaysariyeh bazaar have remained along the square, to remind the city of its European interactions in the old days.

Stroll down the bazaar and you could find all sorts of handicrafts by local artisans. On one side of the square sits Masjed-e-Shah. This mosque is an Islamic architectural masterpiece with its stunning turquoise blue tiled dome and minarets. On another side sits the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque with its shiny marble walls and seven coloured tiles. Facing it stands the majestic Ali Qapu palace built by the visionary king of Safavid dynasty, Shah Abbas 1st. The Khaju Bridge lies above the largest river in Iran, Zayanderud. This is the city’s finest bridge and a popular spot for public to meet at night time for singing and dancing. To unfold the gems of this city and experience Isfahan, don’t hesitate to book your Isfahan tours with TasteIran online.

Along the central desert of Iran lies Yazd, an earthen town of wind catchers. Yazd is a recognised historical city listed on UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The still inhabitant old town with its narrow alleyways and earthen buildings creates a unique and once in a lifetime experience for visitors. You can see   functional wind catchers all across the town.

Yazd is home to the ancient monolithic Zoroastrian religion. The fire temple, Towers of Silence and Pilgrimage sites are top attractions in this city. To go beyond the famous landmarks of Yazd, TasteIran offers short and long Yazd tours and experiences of walking, cooking and visiting Yazd highlights in the adobe city of wind catchers.

In your final stop along the classic route, you reach Shiraz, the city well known for love, Persian poetry, Persian Gardens, wine and the spectacular Persepolis remains from the times of the greatest Persian Empires.

The tomb of Hafez, the most beloved Persian poet of the 14th century is in this city. Moreover, 25 centuries ago, Cyrus the Great established his capital in Pasargadae. Upon visit, you find remains of his glorious ancient city enclosed by the mountains. His mausoleum is by no doubt one of Iran’s most significant landmarks. Furthermore, the glorious Persepolis structure is a major attraction for visitors in the province. This structure was once the capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

You cannot afford to miss the Pink Mosque, also known as the jewel of Shiraz. This mosque, with its stunning pieces of floral coloured stained glasses is an architectural phenomenon. Shiraz is also home to numerous Persian Gardens. The Persian style of garden designing and landscaping has its roots in Pasargadae. Check out Shiraz tours at TasteIran for customised and authentic experiences in the city of love.

Report by: Melika Shahid


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