China-US trade war can create opportunities for Iran

TEHRAN, Jan. 07 (MNA) – Former Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs Ebrahim Rahimpour says that ongoing trade war between China and the United States can create opportunities for Iran.

Ebrahim Rahimpour, Former Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs, made the remarks in an interview with Mehr News Agency (MNA), during which he stressed the need for planning constant and continued cooperation between Iran and China.

“China has established good business relations with other countries in the world and has recently made good investments in African countries and has promoted its level of relations with Africa, which means it has been successful all over the world to date, which is admirable and we should consider relations with it as beneficial to our national interests,” Rahimpour recounted.

The former Iranian deputy foreign minister further praised the rising China's economic power and the living standards of its people, adding that China is one of the countries that has not given to the the United States' influence as it enjoys massive economic power.

"I think that before 2030, China will overtake the US in the economic field and will be recognized as the world's top economy."

He further referred to Iran-China bilateral relations, noting that China has stepped up its place among Iran’s trade partners and now tops all of them.

He referred to the appointment of Iran’s ambassador to China, wishing him good luck in his mission.

Meanwhile, the former diplomat went on stress the need for a long-term and principled strategy to develop relations with China in order for the Chinese not to think that Iran only approaches them when it needs their help.

“China and Russia are two of the most important and influential countries with which we should have relations not only in the current situation, but also in the time of well-being and joy,” the former Iranian deputy foreign minister underlined, adding “today, China and the United States have different disputes, especially in the trade field, we are witnessing a trade war between the two countries and economic powers on the global stage, which can provide opportunities for us.”

In the end, Rahimpour pointed out that China recognizes Iran's important role in the region and appreciates its relations with the Middle Estern country, while adding that “it should be noted that China like many other countries does not want to endanger its relations with the United States for the sake of other countries.”

“Anyway, despite the reservations, the Chinese have set aside a good place for Iran in their foreign policy calculations,” he recounted.


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