Researchers manage to turn chicken tallow into gas oil

TEHRAN, Oct. 24 (MNA) – In a collaborative effort, Iranian researchers succeeded in synthesizing nano-catalyst that could help convert chicken tallow into natural gas oil (biodiesel).

According to the Nanotechnology Development Headquarters, crude oil is considered as the main source of gas oil production, researchers maintained.

Given the ever increasing reduction in the oil resources, researchers have always been seeking a good alternative for producing fuel. In this regard, biodiesel is one of these fuels which is produced from oily sources in the presence of catalyst.

Dr. Hossein Esmaeili Faculty Member of the Islamic Azad University (IAU) in Bushehr Branch made the above remarks and said, “about 70 percent of cost needed for producing biodiesel is related to the initial source of oil. In recent years, finding the cheapest oil source and also a suitable catalyst for turning oil into biodiesel has been one of the main objectives of researchers in this field.”

In this plan, “we managed to produce biodiesel with synthesizing a new and efficient nano-catalyst and use of chicken tallow as a rich oil source.”

He termed the high efficiency of biodiesel production as the most salient advantage of nano-catalyst and said, “since a useless substance of chicken tallow has been used as an oil source for the production of biodiesel, therefore, it is expected that cost price of this product will be reduced significantly.”


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