Terrorism a key element in advancing US policies

TEHRAN, Sep. 23 (MNA) – Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, rejecting the annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2017, said terrorism is a strategic tool for advancing US macro policies in the world.

Bahram Ghasemi, rejecting the annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2017, in which the US has raised allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, said the charges in this report against Iran is made while a brutal terrorist attack has happened in Ahvaz yesterday; the world witnessed the fact that Iran itself is one of the main victims of terrorism; a clear and objective fact that some regimes like the United States have ignored for more than four decades; still, they are supporting extremist and terrorist groups as a means to advance their goals.

Ghasemi added that “the policy of using terrorism as a tool by all US administrations, as well as creating, strengthening, sponsoring terrorist groups and transferring them all around the world has a long history and is aimed at advancing their macro policies to destabilize other countries.”

“Publishing these annual reports is a projective act aimed at exonerating themselves and accusing others; it reflects the dual and contradictory policies and approaches of the US during the past decades,” he said, adding “in the same vein, obvious support of many officials of the US for terrorist groups, whose hands are all covered in the blood of thousands of Iranian citizens, indicates the absurdity of their fake humanitarian and anti-terrorist gestures.

Pointing to the US regime's support for many extremist and terrorist groups in the past years, which has led to the chain crises in the Middle East, Ghasemi said that US accusations are being addressed against the Islamic Republic, while it is well known for its role in spreading terrorist and extremist acts by transferring terrorist foreign fighters in Syria to Afghanistan and Central Asian countries.

He urged the US government and officials to abandon their old policies in promoting Iranophobia and false accusations against the Islamic Republic, and instead, compensate for their mistakes and wrong policies regarding regional issues. For this purpose, he said, they should cut relations with terrorists and openly and transparently join other governments of the region in fighting terrorism and extremism and serve human beings and humanity instead of supporting the massacre of innocent people by terrorist groups.

US State Department released the annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2017 on Wednesday claiming that Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism and accused the country of sending suspected operatives to the United States.


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