Trump attack on JCPOA aims to scare European countries

MADRID, Feb. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s Ambassador to Spain Mohammad Hassan Fadaei-Fard said Trump seeks to scare European countries of entering Iranian market by attacking JCPOA.

Speaking during a working luncheon with Spanish mass media and political-strategic think tanks representatives on Friday, on the eve of 39th anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Mohammad Hassan Fadaei-Fard studied the newest bilateral, regional and international developments. "Islamic republic of Iran is now stronger and more empowered and stable than ever in its 39th anniversary of Islamic Revolution and has opened the doors of cooperation to the international friends under its constructive diplomacy."

Explaining the different aspects of friendly relations between Iran and Spain, he said "although the cruel sanctions have damaged the extent of Spanish companies' ties with Iran, we are in the path of return to the Golden Age of the relations by strong political will of the two countries during post-JCPOA period. Now, different projects are under study and negotiation by Spanish firms."

Pointing to the incoming visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain Alfonso María Dastis Quecedo to Iran late February, he called his trip an important event in bilateral, regional and international nature of ties; he also aded that the trip will embark on important developments in the ties between the two countries."

"JCPOA is a multilateral agreement supported by the UNSC and international community, including European Union," Iran's envoy noted, stressing that "it is impossible to revise or change the deal."

He called the country's missile power the critical pillar for national defense strategy based on defensive and deterrent approaches to guarantee the regional stability and preventing every kind of adventures and expressed that it is not possible to negotiate on Iran's defensive power, recalling the previous aggressions on Iranian soil.

He emphasized that support, fund and also arming the terrorists by the regional and trans-regional players is destabilizing force in the middle East that has caused death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria killing thousands of innocent people. He also insisted that Iran's presence in some of the countries in the region is upon the permission and invitation of those countries' leaders to crackdown on terrorists and will continue till the terrorism be uprooted.

He announced that restoring peace and security to the region is bound to ending hegemonic scenarios by some regimes and respect the public opinions of the nations to determine their fate. He also warned the possibility of terrorists' return to the cities to create new crisis bases.


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