Jan 22, 2018, 3:30 PM

300 Sassanid era coins hauled by police

300 Sassanid era coins hauled by police

TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (MNA) – Police officials in Iranian northern city of Qa’emshahr arrested three antique smugglers who were illegally trafficking 299 antique coins of Sassanid era.

“To implement the guidelines of the National Plan of Intensifying the War on Smuggling of Goods, Currency, and National Resources, after our commanding HQ was informed that an antique smuggler was trading antique goods, the case was prioritized,” said Colonel Mohammad Vali Moradi, the commander of police in the Iranian northern city of Gha’emshar, on Monday.

The agents of the anti-trafficking and currency department of police conducted thorough investigations and after some intelligence measures the criminals were identified and arrested.

Colonel Moradi noted that the agents, conducted the operation with coordination of the judicial authority, arrested the criminals and two accomplices while buying and selling antiques.

He officially pronounced the discovery of 299 antique gold coins belonging to the Sassanid period from smugglers. “The value of the coins discovered is estimated by experts to be around $75000.

"The three antique traffickers were filed for legal proceedings after the lawsuit was handed down, and the case is currently being proceeded," said the police chief of Gha’emshar.

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