If US rips up nuclear deal, Iran will tear it into shreds

TEHRAN, Oct. 18 (MNA) – Reacting to US President Trump’s decertification of the nuclear deal and threats to walk away from it, Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that “if US rips up the deal, Iran will tear it into shreds.”

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received a number of academic elites and Olympiad winners on Wednesday morning in Tehran.

During the meeting, the Iranian Leader censured any political reliance on foreign powers, adding “a hundred years ago, there were some people who would say that the path toward progress is through reliance on the West, and today the remainders of that school of thought are promoting the same idea. We were under the influence of the West for fifty years of the Pahlavi period. What progress did we make?”

“The Islamic Revolution rid the country of political dependence, but breaking away from other dependencies will prove to be difficult,” the Leader said. “Dependency causes calamity. One of the key elements to free the country from dependency is scientific advances.”

He went on to add, “the country’s industry is suffering from the blight of ‘montage’, and this blocks the connection between industry and universities. In a ten-year period, Iran’s approach to industry must shift from ‘montage’ to ‘innovation’.”

“We managed to cut off America’s dominance over Iran, become powerful and make great progress despite the US' hostile measures; all of this progress was achieved under the pressure of sanctions,” he added.

The Iranian Leader went on to maintain that he would not spend time on responding to the nonsensical remarks of the US President Trump, adding “the US is an agent to the international Zionism. They have created ISIL and the Takfiri terrorism. Then how can you expect Washington not to be angered at the country which is fighting ISIL?”

“The US is angry because the Islamic Republic of Iran has managed to thwart their plots in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc.,” he added.

Ayat. Khamenei stressed that the US would once again taste defeat at the hands of the Iranian nation, and warned the nation not to get sidetracked from US' sinister schemes by Donald Trump’s display of ignorance and ineptitude.

“The European governments have voiced support for the nuclear deal and condemned the US president’s remarks. We welcome their stance, but this is not enough to just ask Trump not rip up the nuclear agreement,” the Leader said.

“The nuclear deal is to their benefit. We will not tear up the agreement as long as the other side remains committed. But if they rip up the deal, we will tear it into shreds,” he said.

The Leader went on to add, “firstly, Europe must stand firm against the US' practical measures; secondly, the US must stop trying to pry into matters related to our defense program. Our presence in the region or the missile program are none of their business.”

“We do not accept it from Europe to sing along the US' unreasonable demands,” he stressed.  


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