Trump ultimately to turn JCPOA into meaningless paper scrap

TEHRAN, Oct. 13 (MNA) –Referring to Trump's stance toward JCPOA, Nader Entessar Professor of Political Science of University of South Alabama says he kicked ythe ball to the US Congress's court to ultimately turn JCPOA into a meaningless scrap of paper.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, the issue was disscussed with Nader Entessar Professor and Chair of Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice, University of South Alabama.

Following is the full text of the interview:

Despite all international and domestic opposition, Trump decertified the JCPOA. What is his main reason behind this? What messages is he going to signal internationally and domestically?

I am not surprised that Trump took this action.  Throughout his presidential campaign and since his victory, Trump has been very consistent in denouncing the Iran nuclear deal as something that is against the US national interests.  I think the problem was with those people in Iran (both reformists and principlists) and in other countries that tried to overanalyze Trump's position.  Obviously, most analysts were engaged in wishful thinking and had a rudimentary understanding of Trump's character and motives.

If the US congress returns the nuclear sanctions against Iran, it means that the JCPOA is violated by Trump at the cost of the congress. Will the congress return the sanctions?

What Trump has done is to kick the ball to US Congress's court and has given America's legislative body the responsibility to do what it wants with the JCPOA.  Given the fact that the vast majority of sanctions against Iran have been imposed by US Congress, I believe Congress will continue on this sanctions-imposing path.  The sanctions may not be couched in a language that would indicate Washington's formal withdrawal from the JCPOA, but they will be sanctions that will ultimately turn the JCPOA into a meaningless scrap of paper.  In other words, the JCPOA will be like a patient who suffered a major stroke but has been artificially kept alive in a comatose state.

A united voice is not heard from EU. Couple of days ago French President Macron in a similar stance to Trump’s said  some articles including Iran’s missile program and human rights should be added to the nuclear deal with Iran. Will the EU follow the US demand to renegotiate the JCPOA?

Yes.  Unfortunately, Europe's position on the JCPOA has been weak and its various leaders have spoken from both sides of their mouths. They want Iran to stay in the JCPOA and continue to abide by its provisions while the others continue to violate the agreement.  Europe wants to have its cake and eat it too.  This is a dangerous game that Europe is playing.

Iranian foreign minister, Zarif has said the JCPOA is a joint deal for all signatories. What do you think of possible Iran's reaction to US exit from the JCPOA?

In addition to Foreign Minister Zarif, a number of other Iranian officials in recent weeks have stated on several occasions that Iran has plans for all possibilities and that Tehran had drafted a menu of options depending on what the US and the other members of 5+1 decide to do.  I do not know what options Iran has considered, but I do agree with FM Zarif that the JCPOA's survival depends on all parties' adherence to the agreement's provisions.  If one party to the agreement reneges on its obligations, then the JCPOA should be considered null and void.

Interview by Javad Heirannia

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