Barzani after winning concession from Iraqi government

TEHRAN, Sep. 24 (MNA) – Leader’s adviser said KRG head Masoud Barzani, with his recent remarks, is seeking to receive concessions from the central government of Iraq.

Former Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan made the remarks at a session on the occasion of Holy Defense Week which coincides with the 36th anniversary of the Saddam’s invasion of Iran and the eight years of Sacred Defense.

He stressed that Holy Defense Week was an opportunity to recall the fight against Iran by the whole world though the Iranian nation managed to preserve its dignity and boost its deterrence power.

“Enemies are now leading economic and cultural wars against Iran who has always confronted arrogant powers and supported suppressed nations,” he underlined.

He recalled that Islamic Revolution of Iran had come out victorious and America’s policies had failed inside the region; “all world countries were backing Saddam who was seeking to invade Iran within a week.”

“US forces later directly entered the war by targeting Iranian oil rigs and Airbus passenger plane,” stressed the official noting “Islamic Revolution proved that any nation, with a firm determination for reaching liberty, is able to confront global powers.”

He went on to enumerate further advantages and outcomes of the Sacred Defense including strengthening of religious structure, teaching the world how to stand against aliens, reliance on domestic capabilities as well as independence.

“We have never called of missile tests and have successfully carried out all required maneuvers or drills in the field of ballistic equipment,” he continued.

Leader’s advisor on defense issues said Iran has made notable breakthroughs in launching satellites and establishing connection with orbiting ones.

At another part of his remarks, Iran’s former MoD touched upon condition of ISIL in Syria and Iraq saying “no organized body of ISIL will remain once terrorists are completely eliminated from Deir Ezzor.”

He emphasized that the Iranian government never intended to weaken the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) since the Corps acted as pillars for the government, nation and Revolution.

On the issue of referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Maj. Gen. Dehghan said no one was after an independent Iraqi Kurdistan on its own since wise Kurds would never seek independence; “with his words, Barzani is trying to win concessions from the central Iraqi government knowing that Kurds themselves lack a unified voice for independence.”

He quoted Iran’s Leader who said “power Russians can be effective as long as they move along Iran.” The official concluded that Russian will fail to take effective measures without Iranians.


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