Parl. to coop. fully with new governmnet

TEHRAN, Aug. 05 (MNA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said presence of high-ranking foreign authorities at Rouhani’s ceremony indicates a remarkable support for the Iranian government.

Larijani made the remarks at the press conference of heads of three branches of power in Iran held as a follow up to Hassan Rouhani’s inauguration ceremony.

Speaker of Iranian Parliament said countries from Latin America, Asia, regional states and Islamic nations had made presence at the ceremony.

“The massive presence is a sign of respect for the Iranian nation who had a massive turnout at the 12th presidential elections,” said the official adding “world countries, with their presence, proved their respect for people’s votes and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Attending countries are also expressing their willingness to join hands with and cooperate with the new Iranian government, he added.

Larijani, while noting that the government was seriously after resolving issues in view of available opportunities, said the Parliament will spare no effort in collaborating with the new Cabinet.

At the end of his remarks, Parliament speaker expressed hope that the country would experience prosperity in the upcoming four years.

President Hassan Rouhani, for his part, thanked the great nation of Iran who created a marvelous epic with their massive presence at the elections. He also appreciated efforts and supports of the Leader who, over the past four years and during the endorsement ceremony, offered unequivocal support for the government paving the path for the 12th Iranian government.
He voiced satisfaction that several of his promised to people had been fulfilled over the past four years as evidenced by great domestic and foreign achievements including removal of sanctions.
“Today, Iran is free from Security Council sanctions and although certain limitations still exist which need to be dealt with, the Islamic Republic of Iran has improved relations with other countries and grounds are now ready for economic growth and prosperity thanks to the emerged stability in the country’s economy and better social and public health insurance conditions.
On measures taken by the 11th government, the official said, in the past for years, great efforts were made in the fields of agriculture, oil and gas as the country was no longer an importer of wheat, gasoline and gas oil. “We have also taken a great step forward in the field of transportation and communications, and we hope that the new government will be able to execute promises made to the people. We hope that at the end of four years we can see erosion of absolute poverty in the country and reduce inequalities.”
Rouhani voiced optimism that the plan on citizenship rights will be implemented so that people will achieve more of the rights conferred on them by the Constitution, and enjoy better conditions in their lives, and witness unity and cohesion in political and ethnic groups. “I hope that there will be more justice throughout the country and our people are more hopeful of the future.”
Pointing to the region's conditions, he said West Asia region was very insecure though more effective efforts will be hopefully made alongside other countries to create further stability. We have witnessed a major blow to the body of terrorism in the region as instability in the region has fallen. We hope that in the next four years, we will see more stability and expansion of relations and cooperation in the region.
In the end, the President emphasized that, during his office, Iran’s relations will expand with the countries of the world and the government will act on the basis of common interests so that people move towards further dignity with delight and unity.

Also at the press conference, Head of Iran’s judiciary Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani said the country entered a phase following the inauguration ceremony as a new window was opened for the President to work harder to resolve issues like unemployment. He voiced optimism that the Parliament and Judiciary will have full cooperation with the new government.
“We hope the President will introduce the Cabinet as soon as possible so that the government can resolve challenges, including economic issues and unemployment, said the official adding calling for taking advantage of efforts of all people as well as all existing talents and capitals.
Amoli Larijani pointed to the need for the government to pay due attention to cultural issues since promotion of ethics and religion was part of the oath sworn by the President. “We hope that the new government will continue to work towards promoting religious beliefs in the country while enjoying the support of the Judiciary.”
“We will work with the honorable government in the field of economic security,” said the official concluding that all problems can be overcome through unity and reliance on God.


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