Syria, Lebanon same entities with equal security aims

TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) – The Lebanese Hezbollah secretary general said Resistance will assume no red line in case the Zionist regime attacks Lebanon.

In an interview with the IRIB TV channel, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah answered questions on key regional issues. The official touched upon a variety of issues. On the regional developments especially in Syria and Yemen, Nasrallah evaluated current conditions and the role of Hezbollah in political and security equation of the region; "Conditions are becoming more turbulent as evidenced by Yemen war in which several countries are involved including US, Saudi Arabia and Israel who are being thwarted by strong people of Yemen. Conflicts are at their apex in Iraq as the war against ISIL is underway. Despite agreements over Syrian ceasefire, the deal is violated in certain regions. The Zionist regime is still posing threats against regional people and states. The new US government headed by Donald Trump has led the world into a new era which needs to be delved into. Popular movements in Bahrain have entered the sixth year of activity though detention, suppression and heavy punishments are still underway against our comrades, Bahraini Muslims’ leader Ayatollah Shaikh Isa Ahmed Qasim in particular."

"Nevertheless, Hezbollah, who considers itself as a leg of resistance movements in the face of American-Israeli plans. We clearly know our objectives and remain as a leg of the Resistance Axis whose duty is to confront the plan which intends to destroy our countries and nations" he inderlined.

ON the role of Hezbollah in political equations of the region, Nasrallah said Hezbollah plays an influential role in Lebanon as well as being one of the key resistance movements to defeat Zionist regime and its plans, adding "at the turn of 2017, Israelis unofficially stated their assessments of regional conditions and existing threats. They implicitly announced Hezbollah as their number one enemy. Previously, Zionists merely considered Hezbollah as major threat along with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Resistance Axis in Palestine. Confronting the Israeli plan will definitely give you a significant role in the region. Presence in Syria on the side of Syrian government, army, officials and people aims to challenge Takfiri and terrorist groups who are at the service of the US-Zionist plan inside the region." Hezbollah secretary general reiterated that the organization will provide assistance wherever possible and in view of its capabilities "our effective presence in various fields will put Hezbollah in the center of regional equations."

Lebanese official, responding to a question of preferring political means over military ones, nited that political or military activities are subject to conditions and developments. "In the timespan between 2006 and 2011, we were involved in no military operation though we maintained our readiness. In the meantime, political activities gained momentum similar to present times. However, we felt an urgent need to enter the Syrian scene six years ago in order to support the strong government of Syria," he reaffirmed.

"We feel no need for change as we are always making advancements and progress. Hezbollah enjoys a suitable flexibility in its structure and management. We adopt reforms whenever needs be and in line with new conditions. The issue marks a great merit of Hezbollah since we hold the capability to confront various challenges," Nasrallah said reacting to a question of the need to reform the political and miliatry structures of Hezbollah.

He also rejected claims by US and Israel who consider Hezbollah as a terrorist group, asserting "firstly, we believe that terrorists have no right to judge other nations as terrorists. The US is the pioneer of terrorists in the world. Israel is a fully terrorist regime whose main task is to murder, intrude, slaughter and trespass. Therefore, America and the Zionist regime are in no position to calls others terrorists. Hezbollah, one of the most dignified resistance movements in the region, defends its territory, nation and security."

Hezbollah secretary general also noted the presence of forces in Syria, saying "we were not invited since Syria and Lebanon are same entities. Despite being two separate countries, Syria and Lebanon hold equal destinies in security, national security as well as social, economic and political ties. Moreover, since the beginning of conflicts, we have been attentively following field developments in Syria and we are fully aware of identity of rebels who took out on streets. Protesters were not looking for reforms, democracy or elections since they were seeking to overthrow the government and military of Syria as the main pillar of Resistance in the region. Upon learning that the plot was fueled by the US and Israel, we felt the need to supports our comrades in Syria. We realized that we shared the same goals in Syria and we had to play equal roles in the face of the crisis. Our presence was in agreement with the Syrian government and officials."

He also took into consideration Syria's latest developments and its future; "Syria has passed dangerous and critical stages in which enemies were seeking to overthrow the government. Presently, vast areas of cities and towns are controlled by the government as normal trend of life is being pursued in majority of locations though certain parts are still in hands of ISIL group. Also, we are observing developments in international and regional stances as well as changes in people’s views towards the Syrian crisis. Conditions have therefore improved as compared to previous years. Venues now exist for political solution and we believe that resolution of the crisis in pending. The issue requires time and a change in views. We also believe that political solution should not be postponed to later times."

"Meetings and consultations are frequently conducted in Resistance with the Islamic Republic of Iran in its core. Countries, movements and people are also its main supporters. Resistance movements are in touch with both Iran and Syria. Common views are held as regards resistance and these opinions have become strengthened in recent years. Cooperation and collaboration exists at all levels of Resistance. Undoubtedly, Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei plays the most influential role in this regard," underlined Nasralah noting the Resistance and its key role in the region.

Answering to a question on establishing safe zones in Syria by US and its allies, Nasrallah said "they seek to support armed groups and provide air coverage to offer a safe area to camps and train their forces before they begin attacks on regions controlled by the Syrian government. The idea of forming safe zone with the aim of backing civilians is a false claim as evidenced by other catastrophic examples in previous parts of the world."


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