Iran 'not enemy to Saudi Arabia'

TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani pointing to Iran's strategy to keep unity with Muslim countries and to fight the Zionist regime, said the Islamic Republic is not the enemy of Saudi Arabia and supports its positive role in the region.

Larijani made the remarks at the International Conference on Regional Security Order in the West Asia which kicked off in Tehran today, with a number of Iranian and foreign officials and experts in attendance.

Providing analysis on root causes of security tensions in the region, Larijani said strategic conflicts between the will of major powers who wanted to make the Zionist regime superior in the region and the interests and will of Muslim nations is one of the major causes of security disorder in the region; he also asserted that the nature of Muslim nations would never accept the Zionist regime occupying their lands.

He also pointed to the tactical use of terrorism by some countries as an excuse for pursuing unilateral interests, calling it a big strategic blunder made by great powers and some regional countries, and another factor to enhance security disturbances in the region.

Pointing to Sykes–Picot Agreement, Larijani deplored the accord which did not provide grounds for sustainable security in the region, calling it full of political, cultural and ethnic contradictions.

Describing the current situation in the region, Larijani said today's political-security context of the region is a multi-dimensional battlefield bearing no order in itself.

Larijani noted that one way to establish order and to remove disorder could be through powers outside the region, "but neither of current world powers has enough power to do so and even if they come to the scene, they would pursue their own or their allies' interests and only propagandas.

He underlined that the Islamic Republic's strategy is based on solidarity among Islamic countries and confrontation with the Zionist regime, which is converging with social realities of Muslim world.

Parliament speaker underlined that Iran does not seek imperial aspirations in the region, but completely objects the theory. "The era of tactical hegemony is over; Iran pursues strengthening of discourse based on Islamic thought and against the conflicts between Shia and Sunni," said he and added that "we are opposed to waging war in Yemen and Syria and clearly state our support for any constructive role by any regional state in the establishment of security in the region," Larijani said to highlight that Tehran would support it if Saudi Arabia makes constructive decisions anbd plays rationally.


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