Ansarullah capable to strike ‘special Saudi zones’

TEHRAN, Nov. 09 (MNA) – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Jaberi Ansari said Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has the capability to use strategic equipment to hit military zones of Saudi Arabia if need be.

Iranian Deputy FM for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari made the remarks during a visit to Mehr News Agency's pavilion at the 22nd International Press Exhibition on Tuesday.

In response to a question on reality of Saudi claims on Ansarullah firing rockets from Yemen to Mecca, the official said “Saudi Arabia has launched a cruel war against the Yemeni nation over the past one and a half years while they had intended to overcome Yemen in less than one month.”

“Even in the course of political talks, Saudi regime sought to force Yemenis to surrender though they suffered the same defeat in negotiations as they had in the battlefield,” he continued.

Jaberi Ansari asserted that Saudis have made a nation subject to genocide and silent killing similar to policies pursued by the Americans in Vietnam.

“For over a year, Yemen has been the target of economic blockade, continuous bombardment on farms, military spots, civilian and existing infrastructure,” stressed the official noting that despite all these cruel measures, Saudis have reached an impasse.

As regards rocket strikes, a strategic development has emerged in Yemen since it has now enough defense capabilities to hit military or special spots of Saudi Arabia, he underlined.

“Yemenis have never tried to expand the arena of war to avoid exacerbation of situations though the equation will not always remain untouched.”

Iran’s deputy FM, while noting that international reports revealed that Ansarullah movement has fired rockets from Yemen to a military airport and certain military targets inside Saudi Arabia adding “from the point of view of an observer, firing of the rocket gives the message to Saudis that one side cannot remain as the only assaulter or striker without remaining committed to international regulation or ethical and religious rules.”

“If current unfair conditions continue, the Yemeni side will take advantage of its strategic tools and equipment in order to change the equation,” stressed Jaberi Ansari.

He went on to note that “Saudis, on the other hand, made an effort to launch a psychological warfare in order to distort reality by using media devices and false advertising.”

“Saudi Arabia is making the false claim that Yemeni intended to strike at holy places like Mecca though it is crystal clear that Yemenis hold greater respect for religious spots,” underscored the Iranian deputy FM.

He went on to voiced hope that Saudis will put an end to their wrong policies since history has shown that attackers in imposed wars are bound to suffer from defeat.

Hossein Jabei Ansari also expressed hope that the international community, rather than applying double standards to the Yemeni crisis, will consider humanitarian issues and spare no effort to resolve the ongoing conflict.


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