Shamkhani calls for stronger ties among Iran, Russia, Syria

TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – Secretary of Iran's SNSC Ali Shamkhani has emphasized the need for expansion of cooperation among Iran, Russia, Syria and the resistance front in the fight against terrorism.

Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) made the remarks at a Monday meeting with Russia's visiting special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev.

The meeting discussed the latest security, political and filed conditions of Syria and Russia’s Lavrentiev presented a comprehensive report on the process of confrontation and sabotage on the part of the US and its regional allies in the fight against terrorism as well as the status of supplying Aleppo citizens with humanitarian aid.

Iran’s Shamkhani pointed to America and West’s inaction against initiatives of Iran, Russia, Syria and the resistance front in the fight against terrorism asserting “media political shows of the West to cover up dual policies have become outdated as the world’s public opinion is now aware of unreliability of these approaches.”

“Americans and the West are exploiting terrorism in order to advance their own political goals,” highlighted the official adding “accordingly, security of Western states has become subject to brittle damage caused by terrorist acts which has, in turn, strengthened the network of terrorism in Europe and America.”

Leader’s senior advisor called for respecting rights of all ethnic and religious groups and maintaining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria within the framework of its democratically elected government; “uprooting of terrorism regardless of political affiliation remains as the top priority ahead of Syria which should be followed by provision of proper ground for participation of Syrian people in determining the future of their country.”

“Foreign military interference would merely complicate the ongoing crisis,” said Shamkhani commenting “it remains inevitable to launch comprehensive confrontation with massive movements of some countries who are seeking to reconstruct the terrorist network under new titles in order to impose to their will against Syrians.”

The Iranian official further underlined the need for close cooperation among Iran, Russia and Syria as well as the resistance front in the fight against terrorism and their supporters; “while terrorist forces in Aleppo marks the main obstacle to providing humanitarian assistance to the city, measures to force terrorists out of Aleppo are faced with US opposition.”

Iran's SNSC secretary said humanitarian slogans voiced by Americans are hollow and worthless since they lead to oppression Aleppo citizens by Takfiri terrorists; “Washington’s silence towards the crimes committed by Saudis killing of defenseless people of Yemen with modern American weaponry remains as yet another instance of disregard for the rights and lives of people.

Putin's special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, for his part, pointed to developing ties between Iran and Russia saying “the two parties hold strategic and multi-lateral ties in the fight against terrorism in Syria.”

He referred to the efforts made to establish ceasefire in Aleppo in order to provide grounds for supplying people with humanitarian aid adding “inability of the US in separating warriors from al-Nusra terrorists marks the main cause to the failure of the ceasefire agreement in Syria.”

Lavrentiev lamented the political and electoral approach of Washington to the crisis in Syria concluding “opponents to political settlement of the Syrian crisis in US are seeking to attract more electoral votes regardless of the deplorable situation of Syrian people.”


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