Resistance Economy, Islamic culture top priorities

TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a message to opening ceremony of 10th round of Iran’s Parliament has hailed epic turnout of people in February elections.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has issued a message to the inauguration ceremony of the 10th Islamic Consultative Assembly, Majlis, which was read out by Head of Leader’s Office Hojjatol Islam Mohammadi Golpayegani.

Here is full text of the message:

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I congratulate inauguration of 10th round of Majlis during the holy [Islamic calendar] month of Sha’aban, which is month of spirituality, modesty and great religious festivities, to the great nation of the Islamic Iran and to you the elected MPs who have accepted heavy responsibilities and appreciate all dear people who by creating the elections epic, continued the nonstop procedure of legislation and added another ring to this vital chain.

All these rise from Divine blessings and indicate His Mercy and Compassion whose unique Mighty Hand is assisting the nation, the country and the Islamic Establishment. Hearts and moths are unable to praise this blessing.

With its high turnout in significant elections of legislative assembly, the Iranian nation repaid its long-lasting allegiance to the Islamic Republic Establishment and responded with a clear voice to the malevolent voices. Valuable loyalty of the nation calls on officials of the Establishment to fell more responsibility and gratefulness. The obligation upon us, the officials, now is even heavier than before.

The Parliamentarians’ oath – which they take on first day of their work and is a religious oath and thus binding – has expressed main titles of duties of MPs in the Majlis; you respected brothers and sisters can fulfill these duties with wisdom, reason, sincerity and piety and through your legal action – which is mainly legislation and observation – and be glorified before God and the people.

That is how you can maintain the position of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in its special position which is “atop the countries affairs” [mentioned by Late Imam Khomeini].

Stormy situation of the region and world and international adventurism of Imperialists and their followers, have put the Islamic Iran vis-à-vis more complicated situations compared to the past. Power of the country in facing this situation, demands vigilance, strong will and initiatives by all officials. Revolutionary and legal duty of you, the respected Parliamentarians, is to make Majlis a strong fortification against deceptions, charms and rude, excessive demands of the Arrogance and also a significant point of reliance for the faithful and Revolutionary people.

Realization of a Resistant Economy with all its absolute requirements as well as vigorous effrots to expand and deepen the Islamic culture, are two current top priorities. There are also other important priorities in various sections about national power and reinforcement of security and immunity of country which guarantee establishment of social justice, in dependence and progress in the country. Recognition of these priorities are among duties of MPs and at the reach of their smart minds. I advise you the respected members of Parliament to rely upon God with optimism toward promises of God Almighty and to resistance on direct Divine path and warn you against engagement with excessive political affiliation and dominance of personal motivations over public interests.

I see it necessary to cordially appreciate and thank respected members of 9th Parliament and its endeavoring and serving speaker and its directing board, and all involved in holding elections of 10th Parliament in all sections.

I commemorate the great late Imam and martyrs and devotees on this path and with greetings and salutations for Hazrat Vali Allah (AJ) [Imam Mahdi] pray God Almighty to bestow all of you with success.




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