Rouhani calls for closer ties between government, Parliament

TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – Iran’s President Rouhani has deemed more cooperation between the government and the Parliament as a way out of economic problems.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Iran's 10th Parliament here on Saturday, Rouhani touched upon the remarks made by the late Leader of the Isalmic Revolution Imam Khomeini who marked the Parliament as the ‘the People’s House’ adding “since more than 100 years ago, Iranian people have sought a strong and powerful Parliament within the framework of Islamic thoughts.”

“The Parliament is a center for considering various views and ideas before reaching a common and final decision,” noted Rouhani.

The President congratulated the inauguration of the new round of Iran’s Parliament; “although the government and the Parliament hold different responsibilities, they share numerous commonalities in various situations.”

“Great losses and achievements are said to be a result of the government’s activities while the fact is that the Parliament also possesses a great share in these regards,” he continued stressing “in order to solve existing problems, we require more collaboration between the two agencies.”

The official further highlighted that “following the law is mandatory though it proves to be difficult and bitter at times; despite all difficulties we need to follow all rules as way out of the country’s problems.”

“During the 2016 elections, the Iranian nation had a massive participation and a combination of parties and groups were formed by people in the form of lists indicating that people are seeking integration and collaboration between different parties and agencies in order to get over problems,” maintained the Iranian President.

Hassan Rouhani said “when we took the office, we were faced with social and economic turbulences and barriers which have now been resolved in collaboration with the Parliament.”

“The market is calm now and no economic turbulence is present at the moment as the inflation has dropped significantly,” underlined the President commenting “economic growth of one per cent has been achieved while the figure will reach at least 5 per cent in the present year.”

He further said no government wants poverty for its nation, rather we need to provide employment opportunities for people to overcome poverty.

“Many countries have fewer and less competent human resources but their economic growth is better off than Iran,” emphasized the official saying “the only way out is economic prosperity which is attainable in the shadow of Resistance Economy as well as a good economic growth.”

Rouhani went on to note that economic growth is subject to more investment as oil prices will not get back to 100 dollars per barrel like previous years; “therefore, we need to meet the prerequisites of good economic growth one being attracting 30 to 50 million dollars of foreign investment in the post-JCPOA era.”

“JCPOA taught us the lesson that with coordination between different forces and organizations, we can solve a complicated issue in the interest of people,” he underlined adding “currently, the ground is set for taking advantage of foreign investment, foreign technology and to export our products to other countries”

Rouhani said the 10th Parliament and the government need to define the economic and trade geography and foreign policy of the country.

“The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has repeatedly viewed economy as a top priority for the country,” stressed the President urging all elected Members of the Parliament as well as all other officials and authorities to work hand in hand to implement Resistance Economy.”

“The elections revealed that people wanted peace and cooperation with other countries as well as a resolution to economic problems,” continued Hassan Rouhani asserting “we are in need of regulations which clearly show the path as quality is more important than quantity.”

He further called for taking advantage of all resources like elites and people’s thoughts as well as fruitful collaboration between the government and the Parliament.

The Iranian President also thanked the MPs of the ninth government noting “Iran will gain its previous share in the global oil market which was not possible during the sanction years.”

“The government is determined to strengthen ties with all other forces including the new Iranian Parliament,” concluded Rouhani.






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