Islamic Rep. of Iran now ‘stronger’ with JCPOA implemented

TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has sent a letter to Leader of the Islamic Revolution to communicate Iran’s achievements with JCPOA now implemented.

The letter officially addressed the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei and provided him with 10 achievements the president deemed valuable for national sovereignty and interests.

“The government is resolved to closely watch the powers’ commitment to their obligations through drawing upon your sage guidelines and will avoid any naive optimism in addressing the possible breaches of the promise [by the other side], and it will work out precise plans through political initiative, to protect country’s real needs post-JCPOA, and to effectively abort any attempts of infiltration,” said the letter.

“I have now the opportunity and privilege to announce that today (January 16) Iran and 5+1 have reached the implementation day of the JCPOA; during the two and half years of negotiations, and under the wise and prudent guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the government has succeeded to hit the following achievements,” adds the letter, enumerating 11 cases where President Rouhani highlights the success of the negotiators and his foreign policy machinery:

  1. The major demand by the nation which is also strategic, i.e., peaceful nuclear program, now has been officially recognized by the world in industrial levels;
  2. Enrichment, as the most important part of the program, will continue in its improved state, and with a well-crafted plan, Iran will join the producers of nuclear fuel;
  3. Arak Heavy Water Reactor will be upgraded to the highest global standards with a joint international team of collaborators to become a modern research reactor;
  4. Our strategic amount of uranium will be also increased with more than 200 metric tons of yellowcake for the first time in the history of the Revolution;
  5. The Islamic Republic of Iran will be one of the few exporters of enriched uranium and heavy water;
  6. International cooperation will be facilitated on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program such as nuclear power plants, research reactors, fuel production, R and D, nuclear medicine, safety, water desalinator, and protection of environment;
  7. Six UN resolutions against Iran are effectively cease to exist. Now, Resolution 2231 is effective for 10 years and will also be terminated automatically after a decade;
  8. 12 resolutions and 5 decisions of the IAEA are also terminated. Currently, all concerns and ambiguities on Iran’s past record have been ruled out and only the recent resolution (2015/70) is effective which would only monitor the process of JCPOA;
  9. All economic and financial sanctions by the UN, EU and the US against Iran’s financial transactions, banking, SWIFT, investment, insurance, export credits, oil and gas, transportation, shipping, ports, automaking industry, and airlines are removed, and will provide Iran with open doors leading to valuable opportunities in international markets;
  10.  Iran’s frozen assets are unfrozen which will boost investment and employment.


“These success, emanating from internal power and stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leadership of a jurist, have plunged into despair the enemies of the Revolution in their measures of threat and sanctions and brought them into negotiation table; they are also results of about 30 months of long and demanding negotiations, with negotiators receiving the spiritual support by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution,” the letter appreciates Leader’s contribution to the negotiations. “Now, 12 years of resisting the imperialist excessive demands to protect nation’s rights have materialized in fruits: they came to a failure in their attempt to end Iran’s nuclear program altogether; now the US respects what once its own resolutions sanctioned for Iranians. The reality is that we negotiated with self-esteem and hit a deal keeping all we had before the talks.”

The letter denounced the misguided attempts by the ‘enemies of the deal’ for their billions of dollars investments in JCPOA failure, adding that now they had not concealed the consternation and anger with the deal reaching the implementation day; “Now, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a major player in the region relying upon its own strength and political, economic, and military might; to solve nuclear issue and coming to an accord with six world powers was a clear sign of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional and international leverage.”

The letter concluded with hopes of promising days for the economic boom in the days to come; “now with sanctions removed, the roads to an economic reshuffle is open for us; the government believes however that apart from removal of sanctions, an economic open doors, improved employment and wider participation of the public in economic life of the country would guarantee the much-awaited boom.”   




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