Russia makes NATO responsible for downing of plane in Syria

MOSCOW, Dec. 02 (MNA) – Russian permanent representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Alexandr Grushkó, affirmed that bloc “politically covered” Turkey concerning the downing of the Su-24 plane and must assume the responsibility of the crime.

By not describing categorically this abusive incident, NATO politically covered Ankara, member of the Alliance and thus is responsible for the crime, said Grushko in a meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of that military structure, Alexandr Vershbow.

The ambassador recalled it is not the first time that the North Atlantic bloc prefers the double standard policy to maintain the NATO solidarity.

Grushkó told that he presented to Vershbow the technical data confirming that F-16 Turkish fighters prepared an ambush for the Su-24 and intentionally downed the plane. The Secretary General of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, took sides by publicly saying that the information available in Brussels coincides with the data supplied by Turkey in order to argue the Su-24 had violated the Turkish border.

The eve, president Vladimir Putin sustained during a press round after speaking at the summit on climate change in Paris, that Turkey downed

the Russian bombardier to protect the oil supplies from the ISIL.

Putin explained that the protection of the Turks inside Syria is only an excuse to facilitate the supplies of the fuel that receives the ISIL in industrial quantities.

We have additional proof that Turkey receives industrial amounts of crude from the oil fields controlled by the ISIL and other terrorist organizations, he emphatically said.

Putin´s speech brought to date the denunciation published in October by the Iraqi intelligence service that placed the oil smuggling to the Turkish market as one of the main sources of financing ISIL.

The terrorists receive in this way 50 million dollars every 30 days and in the last eight months they managed to sell Turkey oil robbed from Iraq and Syria for a value over 800 million dollars, denounced the sources.

Buyers find a juicy business in the low price offered by the ISIL, that ranks between 35 and 10 US dollars.

The deputy and former adviser of national security of Iraq, Mowaffak al Rubaie, told global Russian televisión RT that oil from Iraq and Syria is transported in tankers through the Turkish borders and sells minimum at half the price of international market quotation.

On his part, the Minister of Information of Syria, Omran al Zoubi, warned that a transport company owned by Bilal Erdogan, son of the Turkish President, receives millionaire benefits from the service rendered by its tankers to the ISIL.





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