IAEA to release final report on Iran nuclear case by Dec. 1

TEHRAN, Nov. 21 (MNA) – Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA says the Agency is currently drafting the final report on Iran’s nuclear program to be released by December 1-2, 2015.

Reza Najafi, Iran’s Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), quoted Tero Varjoranta, Head of the Department of IAEA Safeguards, on saying that the Agency’s final report on Iran’s nuclear program will be released by December 1-2, 2015.

“Tero Varjoranta in the IAEA’s technical-briefing meeting on Friday briefed the member states on the report IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano had released on Iran and mainly discussed the technical aspects of the report,” said Najafi.

Varjoranta’s explanations focused on those parts of Amano’s report which dealt with the amount of enriched uranium as well as Iran’s preparatory work for the implementation of the JCPOA, he said.

Najafi added that Varjoranta has also mentioned that a number of inactive centrifuges have been decommissioned and stored away by Iran.

According to Najafi, the IAEA director-general will call for an emergency meeting to be held on December 15. During the meeting, the IAEA Board of Governors will be briefed on the PMD report’s findings, and could move to effectively close the PMD investigation. 

The Iranian ambassador maintained that the Friday meeting had been constructive, and that countries are now preparing for the quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors next week [on Thursday and Friday] to read their statements.

According to the latest quarterly report by the IAEA, Iran has taken the first steps to implement the nuclear accord struck with the 5+1 group of countries in July. These steps move the parties a bit closer to ‘Implementation Day,’ when nuclear, economic and financial sanctions on Iran will be relieved in conjunction with limits to be put on Iran’s nuclear activities.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei has indicated that Iran will not implement many of its remaining commitments until after the IAEA issues a report resolving the agency’s investigation into past 'possible military dimensions' (PMD) to Iran’s nuclear program. 




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