Iran to provide Syria with air navigation services

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TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (MNA) – Iran and Syria have signed a document on mutual cooperation to provide the Syrian side with air navigation services.

Head of Iran Civil Aviation Organization Alireza Jahangirian met and talked with his Syrian counterpart in Tehran on Wednesday morning discussing technical and operational cooperation.

The visiting Syrian official aims to make consultations on various issues during his stay in Iran including designing routes, training of flight personnel, implementation of control obstacles around airports, training Annex 14, implementation of WGS84 (geodetic, mapping and land information systems), services for transmission of aeronautical information systems (AIS) to aeronautical information management system (AIM), maintenance of communication and navigation systems as well as review of the structure of the Syrian civil aviation industry.

A document on mutual collaboration between heads of Iranian and Syrian civil aviation organizations was signed during the meeting to provide Syria with air navigation services while last year, the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization had offered Syria assistance in similar areas like radar simulator training as well as control tower controllers.

A seven-week training course on air traffic control will also be held simultaneously in tower and radar simulators at the request of the Syrian side.





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