Iran wins 5 golds in first day of Takhti Cup

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TEHRAN, Feb. 13 (MNA) – Winners of the first day of 35th Intl. Takhti Cup were announced and Iran has gained three gold medals in free style and two in Greco-Roman.

The International Senior Free style, Greco-Roman and Pahlavani wrestling competitions are being held on in Kermanshah /IRAN by I.R.IRAN Wrestling Federation.


The competitions of eight different weight classes were held yesterday in both styles and top wrestlers were introduced. 


Free Style:


57 Kg: 1 Yunes Sarmasti (Iran), 2 Mostafa Damadi (Iran), 3 Tumar Sandip (India)


61 Kg: 1 Behnam Ehsanpour (Iran), 2 Arash Dangsaraki (Iran), 3 Beka Lumitadze (Georgia) and Iman Sadeghi (Iran)


97 Kg: 1 Elibar Odikadze (Georgia), 2 Hassan Rahimi (Iran), 3 Valleri Andritsov (Ukrine) and Mohsen Ebrahimi (Iran)


125 Kg: 1 Parviza Haadi (Iran), 2 Jafar Shams (Iran), 3 Amin Taheri (Iran) and Yadollah Mohebbi (Iran)


Greco-Roman Style:


59 Kg: 1 Talih Mamadov (Azerbijan), 2 Orkhan Ahmadov (Azerbijan), 3 Mohammad Nourbakhsh (Iran) and Shirzad Beheshti (Iran)


66 Kg: 1 Denis Demiankov (Ukrine), 2 Mohammad Ali Gerayi (Iran), 3 Morad Abuladze (Georgia) and Majid Yaghoubi (Iran)


98 Kg: 1 Mostafa Salehizade (Iran), 2 Dimitri Timochenkov (Ukrine), 3 Jiao Di (China) and Irakli Kajaya (Georgia)


130 Kg: 1 Bashir Babajanzade (Iran), 2 Amir Ghasemi (Iran), 3 Arman Nazari (Iran)


The competitions will continue today.




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