Simreh habitat receives hundreds of migratory birds

ILAM, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Ponds at Simreh Dam in Ilam Province are home to thousands of migratory birds across the world during winter.

Construction of dam on Simreh river in Ilam Province has led to the creation of several ponds that attract thousands of local and migratory birds during winter.

It has been three years since the creation of this natural habitat and each year more and more migratory as well as local birds take shelter at these ponds.

Various types of birds fly over distances of hundreds to thousands of kilometers from Russia and Central Asia in order to find home at Simreh ponds as a habitat with better ecological conditions for feeding.

The lake at Simreh Dam is 10 kilometers long and considered as a highly suitable habitat for these migratory birds.

According to the General-Director of Ilam Department of Environment Gholam Hossein Kazemi, Simreh Habitat is home to 30,000 migratory birds each year, and the number just keeps increasing as the habitat provides the birds with the best ecological conditions.

“In addition to the migratory birds, Ilam has currently more than 183 different species of birds,” said Kazemi.

Ilam Province located in the west of the country is among the warmest regions of Iran, although the mountainous areas of north and north eastern Ilam are relatively cold. Beside its historic sites, Ilam is home to various natural attractions such as springs, caves (like the cave of Zinegan), three protected natural habitats, and provincial parks.




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