Nov 26, 2014, 9:38 AM
7 US airliners fly over Iran

TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – Deputy CEO of Iran Airports Company (IAC) has said now 7 US airlines fly their planes over Iranian airspace.

Ebrahim Shoushtari who was speaking in a press conference said that the flights passing through Iranian space had risen 28.5 per cent compared to the figure last night. “More than 1800 flights are monitored by IAC in 24 hours; airport and air navigation services as well as management and maintenance, flight control across the country, and air operations are among other IAC activities,” he said.

Shoushtari added that due to significant rises in the number of flights crossing Iranian airspace, 11 new air routes have been established; currently, 66 traditional air routes and 37 satellite routes, and a total of 61,776km of air routes serve the crossing flights and domestic flights as well.

He told reporters that 9 international airports operate across the country; “25 airports operate flights to religious cities, and the remaining handle domestic flights; 4 other airports are in preliminary exploration phase,” he said.

“Currently, there is no plan for construction of new airports; they are very expensive, and the government has excluded any plan to construct new airports altogether,” said Shoushtari.

“By 1988, war with Iraq made Iranian airspace unpopular for world airliners; figures show that in 2013, we handled 178,685 crossing flights, with 950 air traffics per 24 hours now; in 2001 a radar system was established in the airspace, and to increase the number of crossing flights over Iranian airspace, a workgroup was established to regulate the air routes and creating direct and parallel routes since last week,” he detailed.

“Everyday, 7 US airliners fly their planes over Iranian airspace; on monthly basis, 450 US aircrafts fly over this airspace,” Shoushtari added. “In the first months of the solar year, 17,846,000 passengers were handled; in the same period, 6,682,000 international passengers were transferred which was 5,339,000 last year,” he said.



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