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  • کشتی آزاد جام باشگاه های جهان 2018-03-13 13:17

    Iran officially withdraws from 2018 Wrestling World Cup

    TEHRAN, Mar. 13 (MNA) – Following UWW’s decision to deny Ahvaz to host the 2018 Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup, Iran has officially opted out of the 2018 Freestyle World Cup in Iowa City, US.

  • حسن یزدانی - کشتی آزاد 2018-03-09 15:52

    Iranian freestyle wrestler takes over No. 1 in world rankings

    TEHRAN, Mar. 09 (MNA) – According to the the website of United World Wrestling (UWW), Iranian wrestler Hassan Yazdani Charati has taken over top ranking in the 2018 world freestyle wrestling.

  • حسن یزدانی 2018-03-05 11:40

    Iran ranks 2nd in 2018 Asian Freestyle Championships

    TEHRAN, Mar. 05 (MNA) – Iranian freestyle wrestling team has finished the second in 2018 Asian Freestyle Championships in Kyrgyzstan with winning 3 gold, a silver and 2 bronze medals.

  • اتحادیه جهانی کشتی 2018-02-13 13:14

    Iran quits 2018 Freestyle World Cup in US

    TEHRAN, Feb. 13 (MNA) – Iran has quit 2018 Freestyle world cup in Iowa city, US following its request to UWW for not changing the time of 2018 Greco-Roman world cup was rejected by the international body.

  • takhti 2018-02-09 20:20

    Iran wins Fresstyle Takhti Cup title with 16 medals

    TEHRAN, Feb. 9 (MNA) – Iranian freestyle wrestlers finished first in the 38th Freestyle Takhti Cup with 4 gold, 5 silver, and 7 bronze medals.

  • Karimi 2018-01-29 15:11

    Iran’s freestyle wrestler Karimi to leave for Kyrgyzstan

    TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – Head of Alborz province Wrestling Board Hamid Yari said here on Monday that freestyle wrestler Alireza Karimi will head to Asian Wrestling Competition which will be held in Kyrgyzstan.

  • اتحادیه جهانی کشتی 2018-01-20 13:14

    Iran to host U23 World Ch’ships after 18 years

    TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) – United World Wrestling (UWW) has selected Iran as the host country for the U23 freestyle world wrestling championships in 2020.

  • اتحادیه جهانی کشتی 2018-01-01 14:01

    Wrestling referees to attend Clinic for Officials in Slovakia

    TEHRAN, Jan. 01 (MNA) – Four Iranian wrestling judges are slated to take part at a Clinic for Officials (Judges and Referees) to be hosted by Slovakia in min-January.

  • hassan yazdani 2017-12-23 11:02

    Hassan Yazdani top-ranked in world

    TEHRAN, Dec. 23 (MNA) – Iranian freestyle wrestler has been selected by ‘United World Wrestling’ as the best freestyle wrestler of 2017.

  • مسابقات کشتی فرنگی جام باشگاه‌های جهان 2017-12-15 17:28

    Bimeh Razi atop World Wrestling Clubs Cup

    TEHRAN, Dec. 15 (MNA) – Iran’s Bimeh Razi out powered Sina Sanat Izeh at 2017 World Greco-Roman Wrestling Clubs Cup final on Friday winning the title.

  • دیدار کشتی‌گیر سرافراز علیرضا کریمی با رهبر انقلاب 2017-12-10 16:02

    Leader receives Iranian hero athlete Alireza Karimi

    TEHRAN, Dec. 10 (MNA) – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei received Alireza Karimi, honorable Iranian athlete who refused to wrestle a Zionist rival, and his family on Sunday. Leader offered his ring to him, praising the self-sacrifice and dignity of the young champion.

  • رهبری 2017-12-10 14:43

    ‘Hero wrestler Karimi retained nation’s dignity’: Leader

    TEHRAN, Dec. 10 (MNA) – Iran’s national wrestling hero, Alireza Karimi, met with Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on Sunday morning.

  • medal 2017-12-09 08:55

    Kashan wins World Wrestling Clubs Cup

    TEHRAN, Dec. 09 (MNA) – The fourth edition of World Wrestling Clubs Cup finished Friday Tehran City where Easy Pipe Kashan of Iran quelled Titan Mercury of the US to stand on top of the podium.

  • رسول خادم 2017-12-05 13:06

    Veteran freestyler responds to Netanyahu’s comments

    TEHRAN, Dec. 05 (MNA) – President of Iran Wrestling Federation Rasoul Khadem has issued a response to a video message of Israeli PM on Iranian wrestlers.

  •  روز اول مسابقات کشتی آزاد نوجوانان آسیا در تایلند 2017-12-03 13:23

    Iran edges Russia to win Martyrs Cup 2017

    TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) – Iran A freestyle wrestling squad managed to overcome Russian rivals to win the title at the International Junior Tournament, entitled ‘Martyrs Cup’.

  •  روزدوم مسابقات کشتی آزاد نوجوانان آسیا در تایلند 2017-12-02 12:21

    Iran to launch World Wrestling Clubs Cup

    TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (MNA) – Three Iranian nine foreign teams will compete in the fourth edition of the World Wrestling Clubs Cup in Tehran.

  • کشتی آزاد 2017-11-27 13:46

    Iran finishes 8th in U23 World C’ships

    TEHRAN, Nov. 27 (MNA) – Iranian U23 wrestlers finished the Senior Under-23 Wrestling World Championships in Poland winning a gold and two bronze medals.

  • کشتی آزاد 2017-11-26 11:51

    Iran bags bronze on 1st day at U23 World C'ships

    TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – The Iranian squad of U23 freestyle wrestlers garnered a bronze medal on the first day of competition at the U23 World Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland, on Sunday.

  • جردن باروز 2017-11-18 10:41

    Jordan Burroughs sympathizes with Kermanshah

    TEHRAN, Nov. 18 (MNA) – Jordan Burroughs, an American world and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, has issued a message in Persian sympathizing with earthquake-stricken people of Kermanshah province in Iran.

  • کشتی آزاد پیشکسوتان 2017-10-16 12:46

    Veteran freestylers atop World C’ships

    TEHRAN, Oct. 16 (MNA) – Iran’s veteran freestyle squad struck 14 gold, four silver and four bronze medals to win the title at World Championships 2017 in Bulgaria.

  • کشتی پیشکسوتان 2017-10-12 15:39

    Iran wins 1 gold, 2 bronze at World Veteran Wrestling C'ship

    TEHRAN, Oct. 12 (MNA) – Iranian representatives won a gold and two bronze medals on the second day of 2017 World Veteran Wrestling Championship held in Bulgaria.

  • کشتی 2017-10-04 11:33

    National freestyler strikes gold at Dmitry Korkin Cup

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – Younes Emami, member of Iranian freestyle outfit, managed to stand on top of the podium at the tenth edition of Dmitry Korkin Cup in Russia’s Yakutsk.

  •  روزدوم مسابقات کشتی آزاد نوجوانان آسیا در تایلند 2017-09-27 11:28

    National freestylers to vie at Dmitry Korkin Cup

    TEHRAN, Sep. 27 (MNA) – An outfit of Iranian freestyle wrestlers leaved Tehran for Yakutsk in order to take part at the tenth edition of Dmitry Korkin Cup.

  • مجتبی گلیج کشتی آزاد 2017-09-25 17:42

    Iranian wrestlers win 4 medals at AIMAG

    TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – On day one of AIMIG free-style wresting contest, underway in Turkmen capital city of Ashgabat, Iranian wrestlers grabbed 4 medals.

  • کشتی فرنگی 2017-09-20 12:18

    National wrestling caravan to depart for Ashgabat

    TEHRAN, Sep. 20 (MNA) – Iranian freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers will leave Tehran for the Turkmen capital in order to attend the fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games.

  • تیم کشتی نوجوانان ایران 2017-09-11 08:48

    Cadet freestylers finish 4th in Athens

    TEHRAN, Sep. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s freestyle squad collected one gold, one silver and three bronze medals to occupy the fourth position at the 2017 World Cadet Wrestling Championships in the Greek capital.

  •  روز اول مسابقات کشتی آزاد نوجوانان آسیا در تایلند 2017-09-10 09:35

    Iranian freestyler vice-champion at World Cadet C’ships

    TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Abbas Foroutan, representing Iran at 85kg category of 2017 World Cadet Wrestling Championships, managed to stand on the second podium.

  • تیم کشتی نوجوانان 2017-09-02 12:14

    Young wrestlers land in Athens

    TEHRAN, Sep. 02 (MNA) – Young Iranian wrestlers have arrived in the Greek capital in order to compete at 2017 World Cadet Championships.

  • استقبال مردم جویبار از مرد طلایی کشتی جهان 2017-08-29 10:13

    By: Sam Dolatabadi

    Jouybar welcomes world champion Hassan Yazdani

    JOUYBAR, Aug. 29 (MNA) – People of Jouybar in Mazandaran province welcomed World champion Hassan Yazdani on Monday who returned home from Paris 2017 World Championships. Yazdani won the 86kg freestyle gold medal after scoring a stunning victory over Boris Makoiev of Slovakia.

  • حسن یزدانی - کشتی آزاد 2017-08-26 09:20

    VIDEO: Yazdani grabs 86kg freestyle gold in 10-0 win

    TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – In an intense, breathtaking wrestling match against Boris Makoiev of Slovakia on Fri., Iranian wrestler Hassan Yazdani won the 86kg freestyle gold medal of the 2017 World Championships in Paris in a 10-0 victory under 3 minutes.