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  • rrrrrr 2018-05-07 15:35

    Head of Iran’s Fisheries Org.:

    'US JCPOA exit to have no effect on export of aquatic animals'

    TEHRAN, May. 07 (MNA) – Head of Iran’s Fisheries Organization Hassan Salehi said that US pullout from Iran’s nuclear deal dubbed ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ will not affect export and production sector of fisheries’ products.

  • ssss 2018-03-07 15:50

    Iran's farmed caviar hits 5 tons in production, 1.2 in exports in 2017

    TEHRAN, Mar. 07 (MNA) – Iran's farmed caviar reached about 5 tons in production and about 1.2 tons in exports in the current Iranian fiscal year (March 2017-18).

  • مجتمع پرورش ماهیان سردابی ریجاب 2018-01-13 10:41

    Significant rise in trout exports

    TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (MNA) – High quality fish production of trout species in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province paved suitable ground for the considerable increase of this aqua product in the country.

  • صادرات قزل آلا - کراپ‌شده 2017-10-24 14:18

    Iran exports $121m seafood in five-month period

    TEHRAN, Oct. 24 (MNA) – In a period of five months this year, Iran has exported $121 million worth of seafood which shows about 28% increase compared to the same period last year.

  • صید ماهی و میگو در جزیره قشم 2017-10-14 14:35

    By: Asghar Besharati

    Shrimp fishing in Qeshm Island

    QESHM ISLAND, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Hormozgan province in southern Iran is one of the pillars of the country's shrimp production and has a high capacity of shrimp cultivation.

  • ماهی 2017-10-07 09:47

    Tehran, Paris to bolster coop. in aquaculture

    TEHRAN, Oct. 07 (MNA) – Iranian agriculture minister, in a meeting in Paris with his French counterpart, discussed ways to increase bilateral relations in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.

  • لبنیات 2017-08-29 12:36

    Iran to uplift dairy, fishery exports to Russia

    TEHRAN, Aug. 29 (MNA) – ICCIMA deputy head said, in view of existing capacities, Iran can turn into a supplier of dairy and fishery products to Russia and other Eurasian countries.

  • پرورش ماهی قزل آلا در منزل 2017-08-12 13:35

    Iran ranks 1st in sturgeon production

    TEHRAN, Aug. 12 (MNA) – Deputy Iranian agriculture minister said Iran ranked first in the world as regards production of trout and sturgeon.

  • نخستین جشنواره عرضه و طبخ غذاهای دریایی در انزلی 2017-08-03 15:31

    By: Hossein Shams Nosrati

    1st seafood festival in Anzali

    ANZALI, Aug. 03 (MNA) – The festival of seafood supplies and cooking was held for the first time in Gilan province to introduce healthy foods, especially fish.

  • ایران و ویتنام 2017-07-16 13:22

    Tehran, Hanoi to bolster agro coop.

    TEHRAN, Jul. 16 (MNA) – Iranian and Vietnamese agriculture ministers emphasized on reinvigoration of bilateral cooperation in areas of agriculture and fishery.

  • میگو 2017-07-03 14:13

    Shrimp exports to Arab states rise by 115 tons

    TEHRAN, Jul. 03 (MNA) – Secretary General of Iran's Fisheries Union Ali Akbar Khodaei reported on a rise in sales of farmed shrimp to Arab countries in the previous Iranian year (ended March 20).

  • shrimp 2017-07-02 21:17

    Tehran, Paris agree to complete shrimp production chain

    TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) – Head of Iran Feed Industry Association has reported on a 20-million-dollar joint investment with the French to complete shrimp production chain.

  • قزل آلا 2017-06-06 19:00

    Poland willing to buy Iran’s whole trout output

    TEHRAN, Jun. 06 (MNA) – An official of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) announced that Poland is willing to buy whole trout output weighing 1.1 kg produced in Iran's Caspian Sea.

  • میگو 2017-05-24 10:18

    Annual shrimp production to hit 30k tons

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – Secretary General of Iran's Fisheries Union Ali Akbar Khodaei estimated that approximately 30 thousand tons of shrimp will be produced in the current year (began March 21).

  • شیلات 2017-05-02 09:56

    Annual fishery exports to reach $500mn

    TEHRAN, May. 02 (MNA) – An official at Iran Fisheries Organization announced that export of 450 to 500 million dollars of fisheries products has been targeted for the present Iranian year (began March 21).

  • fishery 2017-04-17 09:40


    Global export value of seafood products reaches $142 bn in 2016

    TEHRAN, Apr. 17 (MNA) – Globally, some 91-93 million tonnes of fish are captured each year, and seafood products are among the world's most widely traded food commodities, with an export value of $142 billion in 2016, FAO Reported.

  • Norway 2017-04-04 13:56

    Iran, Norway to expand coop. on fisheries, veterinary

    TEHRAN, Apr. 04 (MNA) – Head of Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) Mehdi Khalaj and Norway State Secretary for the Minister of Fisheries Roy Angelvik met in Oslo on Monday.

  • قزل‌آلا 2017-02-27 10:43

    Iran, Madagascar to launch fishery coop.

    TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – Iran and Madagascar have voiced readiness to strengthen bilateral ties in reproduction of fishery products.

  • خاویار 2017-02-22 16:24

    US receives first caviar cargo from Iran

    TEHRAN, Feb. 22 (MNA) – Head of Iran Fisheries Organization has reported on deployment of Iran’s first cargo of farmed caviar to American markets.

  • میگو 2017-01-24 14:07

    Shrimp exports to Russia soar

    TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (MNA) – A fisheries official, while noting that over 20 thousand tons of shrimp have been cultured in the present year, reported on an upsurge in exports of the aquatic product to Russia.

  • صید ماهی با گرگور در قشم 2016-12-06 21:50

    Iran to export $380mn of fishery products

    TEHRAN, Dec. 06 (MNA) – Deputy agriculture minister said Iran will export 380 million dollars of fishery products in the present Iranian calendar year (to end March 21, 2017).

  • MA3.Fishery.jpg 2016-11-13 22:41

    19 Iranian firms allowed to export fisheries to Russia

    TEHRAN, Nov. 13 (MNA) – Head of Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) Mehdi Khalaj announced that so far 19 Iranian companies have received licenses to export fisheries to Russia.

  • پرورش ماهی قزل آلا در منزل 2016-10-17 10:12

    Iran eyes fisheries export to eastern Europe

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Deputy agriculture minister has urged Iranian private sector and businessmen to make plans for exports of fishery products to Eastern Europe countries.

  • AEN20160725003500320_01_i.jpg 2016-07-25 12:23

    S Korea, Iran to discuss launching joint fish farming venture

    SEOUL, Jul. 25 (MNA) – South Korea and Iran are set to begin discussions on boosting their bilateral cooperation in the fisheries sector that will include a joint fish farming venture, the Seoul government said Monday.

  • iran-france 2016-07-09 14:36

    Iran, France ramp up fisheries coop.

    TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) – French companies have boosted the volume of investment in Iran’s fisheries projects, Head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization said Sat.

  • شیلات 2016-07-09 09:29

    Aquatic animal exports up by 10%

    TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) – Deputy agriculture minister said Iran's aquatic animal exports has experienced a 10-percent increase compared with the previous Iranian year (ended March 20).

  • VOI head and norwegian ambassador 2016-06-07 15:14

    Norway to help Iran on countering diseases in aquaculture

    TEHRAN, Jun. 07 (MNA) – Head of Iran Veterinary Organization, Mehdi Khalaj, met with Norway's ambassador to Tehran, Aud Lise Norheim, and discussed cooperation on fishery and fish diseases.

  • شیلات 2016-05-17 11:42

    Iran to export 90k tons fisheries

    TEHRAN, May 17 (MNA) –  An official at Iran Fisheries Organization has estimated that export volume of fishery products will reach 90 thousand tons in the current Iranian year (began March 20).

  • fish 2016-05-16 18:24

    Iran to export agricultural products to Russia

    TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) – Deputy agriculture minister said Iran’s agricultural and fishery products will be deployed to Russia via Tehran-Astrakhan direct flights.

  • شیلات 2016-01-23 12:22

    Fishery exports to Russia hit 1K tons in 9 months

    TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA) – Deputy agriculture minister has announced the exports of 1000 tons of fishery products to Russia in the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (began March 21, 2015).