TEHRAN, May 11 (MNA) — Cuban Ambassador to Tehran Jose Ramon Rodriguez criticized the current policies of U.S. President George W. Bush toward certain countries, stating the U.S.-imposed economic sanctions against Cuba are inhuman and unfair.

The U.S. is trying to intensify its 45-year siege of Cuba by adopting a new aggressive policy, said the ambassador in a press briefing held on Monday.


He said that these sanctions have seriously affected Cuba economically adding, U.S. actions against the Cuban tourism industry have decreased the country’s income in this sector.


The Bush administration took steps on Thursday to reduce the flow of tourist dollars and cash remittances from Cuban Americans to their families in Cuba in an attempt to deprive President Fidel Castro's 45-year-old government of hard currency.


The White House also stepped up support for Cuban dissidents, saying it was seeking to undermine the Castro government.


The new sanctions included limiting annual visits to Cuba by Cuban Americans to once every three years.


The ambassador pointed to conspiracies by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to kill Cuban officials, pointing out that the U.S. has attempted to kill political leaders since the beginning of the Cuban revolution in 1959.


Incessant attempts by Washington to stifle the Cuban revolution have been manifested by different U.S. administrations and the Bush administration has followed this policy by slapping on economic sanctions, isolating Cuba internationally, committing sabotage and terrorist acts, trying to assassinate senior Cuban officials, and even threatening to launch military attacks against Havana.


Despite the approaches taken by the U.S. against Cuba, the Cuban nation continues to maintain their freedom and independence at all costs, the ambassador said.          


Cuba suspended the sale of all but essential consumer goods in dollar (US) stores on Monday in a drastic move to counter what it called "brutal and cruel" U.S. sanctions.


Only food, personal hygiene, and cleaning products will be sold in the ‘dollar’ stores until further notice.


In a television announcement the government said prices of consumer goods and gasoline would have to be increased, though subsidized staples, and fruits and vegetables at peso-priced farmers markets would be unchanged.


"The brutality of the measures adopted by the government of the United States will unfortunately increase prices at gasoline stations and in shops that offer goods in (US) dollars," the statement said.




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