Hackers’ $3 billion damage to Zionist regime

TEHRAN, Apr 9 (MNA) – The international groups of hackers attacked Zionist regime cyber infrastructures and have damaged more than $3 billion in losses to Israel.

According to Al-Alam News Network, while Israeli leaders still in shocks for these attacks, they have been extending a long hand to the US and Europe to overcome the problems.

The apartheid regime claims minimal impact on their economy, but the hacker groups on their ‘Twitter website’ by stating that more than  100,000 Israeli websites, along with more than 40,000 Facebook
accounts, over five thousand ‘Twitter’ pages, and 30,000 bank accounts belonging to "Israelis" have been hacked, resulting in losses of over $3 Billion to Israel economy.

Israeli media reported on Sunday massive attacks by the hackers on the  Zionist regime cyber infrastructure and admitted to the regime inability to counter the attacks and accepted the failure to stop the hackers.

The hacking of sites belonging to the Prime Minister, Mossad, War Department, Kadima Party site, The Securities Exchange Bourse, and some key ministries and thousands of other sites showed that what the Zionist regime says about her cyber capabilities, are nothing but lies.


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