Ahmad Shaheed led by Israel, Western hostile powers: Iran

TEHRAN, March 5 (MNA) – Iran’s Judiciary’s Human Rights Headquarters has rejected Ahmad Shaheed’s report as ‘guided by unrealistic accounts of the events.’

The Headquarters has issued a statement, and in it, said that Shaheed’s new report was abusing UN mechanisms to mount pressure to sovereign countries.

MNA has received a copy of the report:

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Judiciary’s Human Rights Headquarters expressed its regrets for Ahmad Shaheed’s unrealistic report written through abusing UN mechanisms, and declares that Shaheed’s text has been devised solely for mounting psychological and propagandist pressures on the Islamic Republic of Iran, and has been guided by Western countries hostile to Iran, and it has no legal value.

The Headquarter deems the followings necessary to state:
1.    As mentioned before many times, assigning special rapporteur on Islamic Republic of Iran is and has been legally unjustified, since elimination of the possible ‘ selective’ functions of former Human Rights Commission provided the ground for establishment of Human Rights Council and Universal Periodic Review. How, it is possible, while the Council’s mechanisms still undecided, to assign a rapporteur on Iran, and to undermine the basis of new Council?

How a special rapporteur on Iran is assigned, which is the most solid and greatest democracy in the region, while it is not for Western powers and Zionist regime, who has a red hand in the killing of tens of thousands of people in the region, and which are accused of genocide in their own territories?
The Islamic Republic would assume no legal value for resolution by Western powers, and deems actions based on it illegitimate.

2.    The report has been prepared unilaterally, without considering realities, transparency, impartiality, and without commitment to the regulations on Human Rights Council’s mandate for rapporteurs. So, it lacks legal basis, and evidently, in preparing the report, mechanisms beyond the UN human rights mechanism has been actively participated.

3.    A rapporteur, who , on his quest for fact finding, should have based his report out of the call for impartiality and honesty, and on objective information coming from credible  sources, has, in most amateurish method, included in his report, undocumented and unconvincing information provided by individuals whose malice for the Islamic Republic and Iranian people has been demonstrated, and many of whom has been for long members of MEK, and has violated all necessary and undeniable criteria in this and previous reports.

On the other hand, the special rapporteur, since being assigned with the illegal position, has practically played the role of a media ‘artist,’ invited by Western media, where, he has spewed lies against glorious system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, that is the most advanced and powerful democracy in the Middle East, and has reiterated lies by the Zionist and terrorist circles. Is this a necessary component of being a rapporteur?

4.    The special rapporteur has worked to discredit his report in the view of the public through using ‘partial’ interviews with dubious sources in the report to corroborate the accuracy of his claims.

Nearly most part of what he has prepared, in addition to being his former claims, is accessible in websites of Islamic Republic of Iran’s opposition groups, working in close collaboration with UK, US, and Israeli intelligence systems, and the rapporteur has adopted major part of his report from the contents of these websites.

5.    It is unfortunate that the reporter has not noted unilateral sanctions by US and EU against Iranian people , nor has he condemned it as in flagrant contradiction with the principles of international law and spirit of the UN Charter in his report. Could his ‘meaningful’ silence be interpreted as his consent to violation of collective human rights of Iranian people?

The statement declares that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a clear Constitution, codified law, and highly esteemed civil society, never to be distortedly represented through propagandist tricks of reporting, and through abusing international platforms.


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