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Jalili, Pezeshkian debate over sanctions, inflation, housing

Jalili, Pezeshkian debate over sanctions, inflation, housing

TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) – Second debate in 2024 Iran presidential runoff election between presidential contenders former health minister Masoud Pezeshkian and former lead nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili was held on Tuesday night.

The two candidates vying for the Iranian presidency, Masoud Pezeshkian and Saeed Jalili, faced each other in the second televised debate in the 2024 Iranian presidential runoff election to present their plans on economic issues.

Updates from the second and last televised debate in the 2024 Iranian presidential runoff election featuring candidates Masoud Pezeshkian and Saeed Jalili are as following: 

At the start of the debate, the Iranian national TV presenter explained that like last night's first debate, tonight's debate would focus on 10 topics in economic affairs. 

Pezeshkian started speaking tonight first to answer the question about the sanctions and ways how to neutralize them.

"I will abide by the parliament's strategic action law to neutralize sanctions," Pezeshkian said in response to the question. The parliament's piece of legislation calls for taking steps away from the JCPOA (nuclear deal) in a bid to pressure the Western countries to lift the unlawful sanctions.

At the start of debate, the two rivals quarreled over foreign policy where Pezeshkian stressed the need for expanding dialogue with the other parties to lift the sanctions on Iran in a bid to help the economy.

Jalili defended the foreign policy adopted by the late President Ebrahim Raeisi and said that expanding ties with the neighbors and African and Asian countries is a way to neutralize the sanctions.

Jalili said that the Western countries owe much to Iran when it comes to sanctions and the JCPOA, stressing that his government will make the bullying Western states to lift the sanctions themselves by neutralizing the impact of sanctions.

"General Soleimani was a hero who fought against oppression abroad and was a supporter of the oppressed at home, regardless of whether they wore Hijab or not, or whether they were religious or not," Pezeshkian said.

"We are compelled to first interact and exchange with regional countries for growth and prosperity, and then with other countries (across the world)," he added.

 Jalili, in turn, said that, "You ( Pezeshkian) should hold the other party accountable for not fulfilling their commitments, not say you will pressure the people to give more concessions to the foreign party."

Jalili added, "Despite sanctions, there are so many opportunities and growth potentials."

"The primary issue is the perspective: do we want to solve our problems with the world or not? I believe we must get out of the deadlock to solve the country's problems," Jalili said.

 Jalili said that, "You must be proactive in the face of sanctions, not passive," adding that, " Jalili: You have not provided a plan for the country's growth or for lifting sanctions. You believe there is a deadlock, but I believe there is no deadlock."

 Jalili further said that, "You (Pezeshkiian) do not offer any solution for sanctions. Your only solution is to give more concessions. You gave all the concessions and got nothing in return. You still haven't presented a solution."

 He added that, "We must make the other party regret imposing economic sanctions and make it costly for them to continue. This requires planning and effort."

Pezeshkian, for his part, "The reason for the current situation (in the country) is incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified managers," adding that, "I commit to striving so that no Iranian family has to worry about their children."

Pezeshkian also stressed that, "Our national hero, the honorable Martyr General Soleimani, ensured Iraq's security, but we give the market to others."

 Jalili elsewhere said that "Because of the agreement Mr. Zarif wrote, you couldn't even complain to the US when they withdrew from the JCPOA."

Pezeshkian, later said, "I have repeatedly said that my path is the path of Imam Ali (AS). The people are the criterion for me."

Pezeshkian continued to stress that, "I have repeatedly said that my path is the path of Imam Ali (AS). The people are the criterion for me."

"We should provide subsidies to vulnerable groups and at least recover the additional consumption costs from people like me," he added.

Jalili, in turn, "The best plan is to involve people themselves in this grand national plan. If you involve people in managing energy consumption, then they will participate because they will feel its benefit," adding that, "Jalili: We must trust people. It is the government's role to provide the framework and allow the people to manage their own consumption."

 "People, today we must decide, and studies should have been conducted beforehand. The presidency is not a trial-and-error phase or an experiment. Every passing day puts pressure on the people," Jalili said.

Pezeshkian continued to say that, "Gov. intervention brings disaster to the stock market, market, and producers. What we are doing regarding the stock market is to restore stability and security to it. We won't compensate for the government's budget deficit from the stock market."

Pezeshkian continued to say that, "From a professional and scientific perspective, health and medical economics, industry and finance, and the stock market are vastly different. We will definitely use relevant experts to address these imbalances."


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