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Iraqi Kurdistan not to be a center to threaten Iran security

Iraqi Kurdistan not to be a center to threaten Iran security

TEHRAN, May 07 (MNA) – In a meeting with Iran’s Parliament Speaker, the head of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani stated that Iraq's Kurdistan will not allow the Kurdistan Region to become a threatening center against Iran.

In a meeting with Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday, Iran’s Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf expressed hope that considering the deep connections between the two countries, this trip would have positive effects on the development of economic and cultural relations between the Kurdistan Region and Iran. 

He pointed out that the discussions held in this meeting and these trips are effective in the development of political and security cooperation and can lead to strengthened relationships.

He added that the two sides must use their potential for economic development and strengthening the industrial, agricultural, technological, scientific, and academic sectors relations. 

Ghalibaf stated that the pilgrimage, tourism, and Arbaeen procession are important issues that should be considered, adding that Iran and Iraq's Kurdistan should not lose the opportunities to improve relations.

He further emphasized, "We all believe that the Zionist regime is the number one enemy of the Islamic world today and we are witnessing that in what is happening in Gaza".

Ghalibaf said that Operation of True Promise conducted by Iran on the Israeli regime was a response to the earlier aggression of the Zionist regime and showed the world, especially the US and the Zionist regime that Iran has no hesitation in making a decision and stands firm and determined.

In the continuation of the meeting, Nechirvan Barzani, for his part, stated that Iran's relations with the Kurdistan region and Iraq are historical, adding that the two sides can solve all the problems by managing the issues despite the ups and downs in these relations.

Barzani continued that in the economic field, the effort is to improve the level of economic relations in such a way that during COVID-19, the borders of the region were never closed despite the other borders of Iraq.

Referring to his yesterday's meetings with high-ranking Iranian officials, especially the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, he said that a new chapter between the Kurdistan Region and Iran has opened. He appreciated Iran's support in the difficult days of the region.

Barzani stated that Iran stood by the Region during the critical situations after 2013 and also during victories of Kurdistan region.

He stressed that Iraq's Kurdistan does not allow the Kurdistan Region to become a threatening center against Iran.

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan emphasized that no one would be willing to have relations with the Zionist regime and lose the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Barzani added that the region knows the importance of relations and is aware of the red lines of Iran.

He emphasized that during the ISIL crisis, Iran, and General Qassem Soleimani were the first who stood by theor side.

Regarding the Arbaeen procession, he noted that the Kurdish people in the Iraqi Kurdistan consider the pilgrims as their guests and the region took measures to host them such as providing Mawkibs for them.

In the end, the President of the Kurdistan Region invited Iran's Parliament Speaker to visit Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, emphasizing that he considers this trip a new turning point in the relations between the two countries.


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