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North Korea:

Worst human rights situation currently observed in US

Worst human rights situation currently observed in US

TEHRAN, Apr. 27 (MNA) – The worst human rights situation in the world persists in the United States, with systematic repressions, ethnic and religious confrontation observed there, North Korean Foreign Ministry Spokesman said.

"The North Korean Foreign Ministry decisively condemns and rejects the publication of the ‘report on human rights’ by the US Department of State, based on lies, fabrications, prejudice and hostility," the spokesman in a statement, published by KCNA. The foreign ministry called such Washington’s steps interfering in internal affairs.

"Is in the US that serious violations of human rights continue, including systematic repressions of their own people, ethnic and religious confrontation, various violent crimes," the statement says.

The spokesman also pointed out the claims of US officials about the "necessity of informational infiltration of Korea."

"This is a display of a very malevolent political intrigue and a dangerous political challenge, aimed at destruction of our system from inside," he underscored, adding that Pyongyang’s response measures "have no limits."

On April 23, the US Department of State published a report on the human rights situation in the world. As per tradition, it caused discontent of a number of motioned countries, including Hungary, Vietnam, Mexico, Pakistan and Turkey. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that this report is not simply a display of double standards, but a blatant segregation.


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