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Iran defense minister:

US, Israel seek to escalate crisis, tension in region

US, Israel seek to escalate crisis, tension in region

TEHRAN, Mar. 16 (MNA) – Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani says that Washington and Tel Aviv are escalating crisis and tension in the West Asia region to deflect the world's attention from their crimes in Gaza Strip.

General Ashtiani made the remarks in a meeting with General Ali Mahmoud Abbas, Syria's Minister of Defense in Tehran on Saturday.

Congratulating the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics pointed to the visit of President Ebrahim Raeisi to Syria, the visit of the respected Syrian Prime Minister to Tehran, and the holding of the 15th High Committee for Economic Cooperation, saying that "regional developments and the importance of relations between the two countries require both sides to constantly consult with each other."

Referring to the sensitive and complicated conditions in the region, the Iranian minister added, "The martyrdom of more than 30,000 people and the wounding of more than 70,000 people would not have been possible without the support of the United States and the silence of international organizations and, unfortunately, the inaction of some Arab and Islamic countries."

General Ashtiani stated that the Zionist regime continues its crimes in Gaza by escalating tensions in the region and deflecting public opinion to these tensions, and clarified that the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council have failed to fulfill their international responsibility towards the regime's war crimes and genocide. The Zionist regime will certainly not achieve any of its goals in Gaza, he added.

Condemning the airstrikes of the Zionist regime and the violation of the territorial integrity of Syria, the defense minister of Iran added, "Under the guise of confronting the Axis of Resistance, this evil regime seeks to destroy infrastructures such as airports, ports, as well as convoys carrying fuel and food. These attacks are definitely the result of the fear of the Zionist regime and the failure of this regime."

"An important and strategic point in dealing with the Zionist regime's attacks is to create deterrence, so necessary and urgent measures and plans to prevent the aggressiveness of this regime are on the agenda,"  he added.

The Minister of Defense of the Syrian Arab Republic, for his part, stated that America's support for the Zionist regime is due to its fear that the regime might be overthrown.

"America realized how weak the foundation of this regime is after the launch of the war," General Ali Mahmoud Abbas said.

The Syrian Defense Minister stated that the US spared no effort to destroy stability and security in the region and clarified that the presence of the US in Syria is illegal and their presence has laid the basis for supporting separatist and terrorist groups. 

"Resistance, steadfastness and increasing defense power and strengthening bilateral cooperation is the best way to deter enemies and this has doubled the need for cooperation and solidarity between the two countries against enemies," the Syrian minister concluded.


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