Lavrov's Africa tour: Arab world really breaking up with West

TEHRAN, Jul. 26 (MNA) – Russian Foreign Minister's presence in Arab League meeting after Tehran and Jeddah summits has serious implications for the future of the Arab world's relations with the western countries, according to an analysis.

The participation of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Arab League and delivering a speech a few days after the Jeddah summit with the participation of US president and the trilateral meeting in Tehran means a lot, especially for the West, the United States and the Zionist Israeli regime, a report by the Kuwaiti daily al-Rai al-Youm said.

Lavrov delivered a speech at a meeting with the permanent representatives of the member countries of the Arab League, Cairo, 24 July 2022.

Sergey Lavrov's presence in the Arab League came after US President Joe Biden's tour to the West Asia region and attending in the Jedda summit ended in a total failure. Lavrov's Egypt visit also took place after the Astana meeting in Tehran, which was held with the participation of the presidents of Iran, Turkey, and Russia, and many observers consider it to be carrying messages, especially to the West, the United States, and the Zionist regime of Israel.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, the Russian Foreign Minister's speech at the Arab League on Sunday marked a major shift in the Arab world's approach, not only to the Ukraine crisis but also to current international alliances and the gradual shifting toward an emerging Russian-Chinese axis- a gradual breaking up with the United States and western countries' hegemony.

The report further said that the Russian Foreign Minister could not be in the Arab League without the green light from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria; Because this triangle is the most influential in the Arab world, both in the east and in the west.

According to al-Rai al-Youm article, when Sergey Lavrov led the meeting of the ministers of the member countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and strengthened the OPEC+ agreement with them, in fact, he blocked the way of the US attempts to force Arab countries to increase oil production in order to lower fuel prices to the advantage of western countries.

Lavrov's move came also after Russia suspended the activities of the Jewish Agency in the country, and Putin also refused to respond to the messages from the new Israeli regime prime minister Yair Lapid, who stood by the United States during the crisis in Ukraine and provided weapons and military equipment in support of Ukraine against the Russian army. 

The paper concludes that most of the Arab states, especially Egypt and the Persian Gulf countries, have rebelled against the American hegemony after 80 years and are taking a new path in line with their own interests.


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