Management consulting in Iran

TEHRAN, Feb. 22 (MNA) – The importance of Iran consultancy services has been overlooked in the past but more and more business owners are realizing its mechanism and how it can improve their performance.

 The importance of management consulting in Iran

Management consulting can be in many forms including strategic consulting in Iran.

Strategic consulting in Iran is a type of management consulting service which insinuates high-level decision-making and advising to elicit the best results using deep knowledge. 

In the following article, we describe the current state of Management consulting in Iran and its future.

4 domains of management consulting

1. Leadership Development

Professional Iran consultancy services deliver world-class leadership practices based on the cutting edge contents and activities in a unique delivery method for C-Level & Board Members in order to scale their capabilities in leadership.

2. Business Growth & Scale-Up

This service of Iran consultancy service is mostly being practised by Medium-Sized enterprises which are willing to experience their next level of scaling.

3. People & Organization

Having a professional HR rep in every branch in Iran is a necessity to keep the atmosphere calm and maximize productivity due to the fluctuations in Iran’s economy. One way of choosing a qualified representative is by consulting with a professional management consultant.

4. Transformation & Change Management

A professional management consulting company can deliver orchestrated changes in organizations, whether it could be an implementation of a new method, software or hierarchy in an enterprise or limiting the effect of M&A in organizations.

The responsibilities of a consulting firm in Iran

A consulting firm in Iran helps you in a vast range of domains including 1. Marketing 2. Human resources (HR) 3. Technology 4. Finance and management control 5. Engineering 6. business strategy 7. e-business

Whether you are going through difficulties with your business strategies, company’s culture or any other problem you can consult with a management consultant to solve your problems in the most efficient way.

Recent Iran consulting market size

60% of consulting companies working in Iran are serving the government and its businesses

Only 40% of the consulting service that is presented in Iran, is provided by private companies. 70% of them are consist of 1 or 2 employees. Only less than 10% of companies in Iran have an international work range and have Likely more than 10 billion Rials as their annual revenue, shared in.

Iran consulting services

Strategic consulting in Iran can be very beneficial for Iranian companies and new business owners since the market in Iran is not stable. The Responsibilities of strategic consultants are very professional. Therefore, choosing a reliable company plays a big part in strategic consulting. While working on current issues, a strategic consultant should also think about the future needs of the company. When absorbing managers’ explanations of why progress is difficult for their capacity, the consultant should consider other possible barriers at the same time.

Carry out research and collect data to understand the business

Interview the client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders for a better grasp at their work

Run focus groups weekly, monthly and quarterly and facilitate workshops

Prepare various business proposals and presentations

Manage projects and programs in an effective way.

Identify internal issues and form a plan for overcoming these issues and propose solutions

Management consulting in Iran

Challenges in Iran’s consulting services

Due to the unstable economics, most employees do not have job security and most companies are slated for closure. It is human resources’ duty to create a calm atmosphere in the workplace that can lead to the employees’ peace of mind and later on lead to a higher rate of productivity. With the economic fluctuations and unstable rates in Iran, the need for Iran consultancy services is increasing significantly.

Hiring the right HR representative and acquiring the best solutions for your business can be tricky especially for new business owners. Consulting companies are skilled in giving the best solutions and planning the best improvement plan so the chosen company can meet its objectives and goals using the methods regarding the company’s abilities and capabilities. Behind the strategic advice and ideas, there are years of experience and practical knowledge. Promoting overall effectiveness is part of each step. A professional point of view and advice at the highest level of a firm is what companies in Iran need desperately.

Some successful examples of Management consulting:

1. Danone Olympics

Training 40 Individual C-Level & FLM Managers in one Year of Academy for developing Leadership skills & capabilities

2. The D-Line Initiative

Scaling up the most famous fashion brand in Iran in a three-year ongoing engagement. A result was to increase the volume of profit by 3.5X in a year.

The next level of engagement is to unlock the international market for Dorsa!

3. JTI

Delivering People and Organization development services by different HR practices such as Training, Assessment, Evaluation, Development of IDP and Coaching to enable and project alive and learning organization.

Management consulting in Iran

To sum it all up

Consulting a professional management consulting company can be beneficial in order to make the most beneficial choices for the future of your company and climb to the top of the career ladder. Consulting service is a growing business in Iran and the importance of it cannot be overlooked.

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