Milad Tower lit up gold in support of children with cancer

TEHRAN, Sep. 22 (MNA) – Milad Tower in Tehran joined an international campaign per MAHAK’s invitation in a simultaneous action with 6 famous towers in Canada, the UK, Belgium, China, and Malaysia.

Milad Tower in Tehran joined an international campaign per MAHAK’s invitation in a simultaneous action with 6 famous towers in Canada, the UK, Belgium, China, and Malaysia. These towers have gone gold to raise awareness of childhood cancer. This action has been done on the occasion of September, the Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Explaining the action and its aim, Arasb Ahmadian, the CEO of MAHAK stated: “During the past three decades, in addition to providing treatment and support services to cancer-stricken children and their families, MAHAK has strived to increase public awareness on early detection; Since early detection is one of the factors leading to more effective, less expensive and less painful treatment and can thus facilitate the treatment process, increase the quality of life as well as survival rate.”

Ahmadian added: “Milad Tower’s gold illumination concurrently with other landmarks, trade and cultural centers such as CN Tower in Toronto, Canada; BT Tower in London; The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower in Birmingham, UK; European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium (European Union); Shenzhen Tower in Shenzhen, China; and KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been in line with Gold September campaign and informs people all over the world that the landmark of Tehran, the capital of Iran, has joined an international initiative in support of MAHAK’s cancer-stricken children.”

MAHAK’s CEO continued:” This action has occurred per the invitation of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) with the motto of ‘Go Gold September’ like any other symbolic action which takes place with the aim of raising awareness and educating the culture so that the whole society especially the groups which are in contact with children will pay more attention to childhood cancer symptoms. These groups include parents, teachers, pediatricians, and general practitioners who should be more cautious about their important role in the early detection of childhood cancer. The other goal of this action is to show that MAHAK, as the organization which finds itself responsible for providing treatment and support services to children with cancer and their families all over the country, cooperates with other international organizations that work in the field of childhood cancer.”

Arasb Ahmadian emphasized the fact that the current issues in the world such as the Coronavirus pandemic have proven that human beings have no choices for overcoming diseases other than sharing knowledge and experiences in addition to research, treatment, and medical capacities. Then, he added: ”This fact has been enshrined in MAHAK’s mission statement many years ago which says: ‘MAHAK is responsible for expanding cooperation with national and international organizations in the field of childhood cancer in order to decrease the childhood cancer rate and find more effective treatment methods.’ Such global initiatives and actions will contribute to the development of a culture of collaborations of this kind.”

The CEO of MAHAK reiterated that childhood cancer treatment should continue in all circumstances and said:” The ever-expanding family of MAHAK knows well that the treatment of nearly 20,000 cancer-stricken children should never be stopped even during such hard days. Today, the importance of health has been proved to all of us more than ever and there is no doubt that only by relying on the support and patronage of our donors and benefactors, we can look forward to our children’s cancer remission.”


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