Attending Feb. 11 rallies another strike on enemies: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Feb. 05 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the presence of the people on the stage as a key to victory, saying "the key to resolving our society’s problems and resisting hostilities is unity and trust and confidence between the establishment and the people.”

Speaking on Wednesday at cabinet session, Rouhani said, "Today, we need to stand together on February 11 more than ever and tell our enemies that we have stood by our revolution for 41 years and that we will be in the path of the revolution, Imam [Khomeini] and Iranian Leader until the day we are alive."

Parts of President’s speech at the cabinet session are as follows:

We are glad that our great nation is preparing again for the great, glorious celebration of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which will be celebrated after 41 years of effort, self-sacrifice, and devotion that this nation had made for the aspirations of the Revolution.

The climax of our Islamic Movement was since the beginning of the year 1962 when our dear people stepped on the stage.

Any day that people came to the stage, that day was the climax of the Revolution and weakening dictatorship and defeating the ill willing against the Iranian people.

After the Revolution, every day that people came to the stage was the day of our victory.

People’s presence is big social capital. That is, the day when the people took to the streets with the 100% trust they had on the leaders of the Islamic Movement and especially our dear Imam [Khomeini] and stood up to the then regime that was armed to the teeth and achieved victory, Imam relied on people.

He did not let any division happen between people and the armed forces of that regime, but with the attraction he had, he attracted all of the other side’s forces and –except a few specific ones- he forgave them.

If it were not for Imam Khomeini's moderation and attraction, radical groups and hardliners would have torn the country and people apart

I believe that the main key to resolving problems and resisting enmities is people’s presence and unity. This means that we must not let this social capital be hurt.

Events come and go and different things happen. Today is the Majlis election time, and tomorrow is presidential election time, and the day after that it is the Assembly of Experts’ turn. We must view our national unity and trust as long-term goals.

To this day, America has not been able to attract even its ally, which is Europe. That is, the White House wanted to attract Europe from the first day to undermine the nuclear deal, but Europe did not accompany it, and they failed again in recent months.

Why can't the US attract its allies to itself? Why can't the United States use its terrorist act as the display of its power in the world? Why don't the people of our country, the region and the world allow this? Its roots lie in the vigilance, perseverance and persistence of our great nation.

The republic aspect without the Islamic aspect will turn into dictatorship in a short time, and the Islamic aspect will not last without the republic aspect.

Islam is founded on people’s choice and it is people who should choose and elect. In our system, the Islamic aspect and the republic aspect are alongside each other.

Nobody is above the law and the people. One must not think that a small group is guiding the public opinion and people would be misguided without them. People understand and make their choices well.

We should criticize each other within the family. If the President makes criticism, it means that he cares about the family. We must keep our unity and publicize the facts and services that the government has provided. God-willing, attending the Feb 11 rallies will be another strike on enemies.


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