If US wants cease fire, it should sign peace MoU: Taliban official

TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) – A former Taliban official says if the US wants a ceasefire, so it should sign a peace MoU with Taliban.

In an interview with Mehr News correspondent, Sayed Mohammad Akbar Agha, the former leader of the Taliban and chairman of the Shurae-Aali Rah-e-Nejat (High Council of Salvation) said that Taliban wants peace in Afghanistan and is ready to sign peace MoU but does not consider Afghanistan’s election legitimate.

Afghanistan's elections are contrary to the peace plan and the US is supporting it, he said, adding that the US does not act honestly in such circumstances.

If the US backs Afghanistan’s election, then its peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar has not been honest, he noted.

Akbar Agha said that the Taliban does not recognize this election because Afghanistan is occupied by the US and the election is expected to be challenged.

Americans must show their honesty in such circumstances and not recognize Afghanistan’s election in order to reassure the Taliban for peace, he added.

The Taliban are part of the Afghan people, and 95% of the people in Afghanistan want peace, he noted.

In reaction to statements of Suhail Shaheen, the spokesman for the Taliban's political office in Doha about recognizing every faction that wins the Afghan election as a side to the war, not as a government, Akbar Agha said that he doesn’t think the Taliban will fight the Afghan government as the issue of country will not be resolved by war.

He went on to say that the Taliban are not willing to negotiate with the Afghan government and accept a ceasefire before signing a peace agreement, adding that the US asks them to accept a ceasefire before the negotiation with the Afghan government.

The issue of a ceasefire can also be resolved by the Americans, added, saying that if the US wants to a ceasefire, so they should sign peace MoU.

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