The continuance of Riyadh’s false claims against Iran instead of stopping the Yemen war

TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – What has troubled Riyadh officials is inefficiency in American Patriot system, and the US positions, as the Saudi Arabia expected to receive more support. UD Secretary of State Mike Pompeo affirmed the failure of air defense system.

Reuters had earlier reported that Saudi Arabia is spending billions of dollars to buy military equipment from Western countries. It is said that the equipment is designed to counter advanced attacks, but it could not resist cheap drones and Cruise missiles.

Inefficiency of air defense systems against Yemeni scathing attacks

Analysts believe the Yemeni attacks reveal the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia’s air defense system in protecting these important oil facilities. It also shows that the U.S. “dodges” defending its allies, despite of being paid billions of dollars for this defense. 

Secretary General of Hizbullah Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, pointed to Yemeni army and popular committees’ attacks on Aramco oil facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia, and extensive international reaction in support of Riyadh. He also said, “Targeting Aramco by the Yemenis was indeed a significant event that shocked the region, and faced many reactions in the world. International positions in attacks on Aramco have shown that oil has more value than blood. I advise Saudi Arabia to stop the war instead of buying large-scale air defense systems and paying millions of dollars to no avail. The only solution is to stop the brutal war against Yemen.” 

However, what has to be mentioned is that Yemeni attacks moved from alarm level to effectiveness level.  The great operation of Yemeni army and popular committees, in any aspect, was more destructive and effective than their previous reactions. This is a message to Saudi Arabia that Yemen reached the fatal blow level, and the future operations will be more deadly and crushing. This will continue until the attack on Yemen is stopped and the siege of oppressed Yemenis is over.

As Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah claimed, the solution is to stop the war because buying defense systems and paying bribe to the U.S. and Trump will not solve the problem.

But Saudi Arabia that seems to become accustomed to relying on the U.S., insist on continuing the war and accusing Iran. Saudi Foreign Minister Adviser Adel al-Jubeir said in a recent adversarial statement, “the attack on Aramco has been carried out by Iranian weapon, therefore we consider Iran to be in charge of this operation.”


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